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Join the hybrid words and ride a few years ago was a utopia. The diesel engines were all I could afford a taxi driver if he wanted a reliable and energy-efficient car. However, Toyota came to break the rules, and thanks to the many aids that occurred in our country, the use of hybrids began to expand, making the Toyota Prius in one of the most popular taxis in Europe market.

Along with the Skoda Octavia diesel, the Toyota Prius is another famous model in the world of the taxi. Praised for its reliability, low maintenance and ridiculous consumption has managed to win its place in the market. As you know, Lexus is the brand premium Toyota, and is what makes the Japanese luxury car manufacturer.

They have also pioneered the introduction of hybrid technology in the luxury segment, an area where German manufacturers premium as Audi or Mercedes come many years later. However, in high-end taxis if there has been a brand par excellence where no one else has won the hearts of the taxi drivers, that’s Mercedes.

Never imagined we would see a Lexus taxi dress in our country, especially because it is not a practice that the Japanese automaker officially contemplated until recently. However, Fernando needed to go a step beyond his Toyota Prius, and did not want to do without hybrid technology. So the Lexus IS 300h ran as the most reasonable option for your needs.

We face the likely, Lexus is the first taxi that was sold in Spain -and if another driver has a hybrid Lexus, which pronuncie-. Fernando offered to tell us about your experience, and we thought it would be a great idea to have how it changes the life of a person who spends most of his life in a car, which happens to be a brewer to a flying carpet.

What changes in the life of a taxi driver when passing a diesel car to a hybrid?

Fernando told me that beyond the issue of cost savings, most gratifying to have a hybrid car is so quiet and smooth it is . This results in reduced stress on improving the quality of life, and in order to arrive home rested; feel like doing things with your family instead of throw you to the blasted bed after a hard day’s work .

taxi-lexus-hibrido interrior

As for the reliability of this type of cars, many still question, is high . In the present case, the old Prius with 140,000 miles gave no problem beyond basic maintenance reviews, and IS 300h takes the same path, one year and 90,000 km. The other guild mates also told me that there Prius units exceeding 400,000 km and the batteries are still in good condition, while faults are absent.

Much of the blame for that hybrids are so reliable and so dear taxi drivers is precisely because of their mechanical simplicity , although they are technologically more complex than a conventional car. The Atkinson cycle engine gasoline and is very reliable little tight, no turbo, particulate filter and other parts that tend to break quite often in diesel. Moreover, the electric motor is technically very simple, with no maintenance required.

Something to envy Mercedes E Class?

As I said above, Fernando was formerly a Mercedes E Class W211 generation is now your car parts and special . Precisely what did you buy the Lexus IS 300h were the motives of work, because it makes many trips throughout Spain, where the Prius has a long way to come forward as representation sedan on the road.


Several taxi drivers recognize me, that in town the Prius is the best ride you may have, by far. However, road is a car that weakens enough , compared to larger cars like the Class E.

If we put face to face the Lexus IS 300h against a Mercedes E Class Current, are cars that have little envious . The Lexus is midway in size between a C-Class and E-Class, and perhaps the Mercedes has a higher quality finishes, especially in regard to the dashboard, which is strongly criticized in the Lexus, not to be the height of the rest of the car.

However, the Lexus IS 300h is so round in all other respects, it is difficult to reject it by that point we discussed. The comfort of this car is on another level compared to any other car, precisely because of how quiet it is your system hybrid propulsion, how soft is the heat engine when in operation, and good development of the suspensions.

It may seem exaggerated, but if you’re a fan of people turn their heads and look at you when you’re in the car , the Lexus IS 300h has little to envy to a Ferrari or any exotic car. Precisely how different it is compared to other cars, and not just on the road, but among the other taxis.

When I was talking to Fernando, apart from the rest taxi stop, people came to us to try to catch the taxi, leaving aside the Octavia, Class E or Prius that was parked . It is curious attraction to the IS 300h at sports and rare that makes do with bumper taxi.

Customers are usually climb soon realize that they are not dealing with a normal car, and above all always ask when silence fills the cabin at traffic lights . In fact, most people who recognize they are in a Lexus are women.

Why if the hybrids are so good, yet they are not sufficiently settled?

Although the expansion of hybrids in recent years has been spectacular, are still few people who dare to buy a car of this type. The main fear is that the batteries are broken and has to be replaced, but actually are designed to last for more years than the car service offered. And good proof is that there are cars with more than a million miles without changing the batteries.

In the world of taxi, Mercedes is well established, and although there are some really problematic units, some taxi drivers still buy a Mercedes. A clear example is the brother of Fernando, who had a Class E 280 CDI W211 that gave many headaches, but they were not enough to return to buy another Class E 220 CDI W212.

Although buying a new diesel cab is a source of problems assured the medium term is the safe, the lifetime, and people dare not buy hybrid. Precisely those who make nearly 100% of city not take many miles to have problems with particulate filter.

Another thing that most surprised compared to a normal car, is that Lexus has no gears, but its change continuously variable maintains engine speed according to the requirements we demand him at all times ; That coupled with the batteries, make the acceleration is strong and continuous when we sink your foot on the accelerator.

Fernando tells us that nothing in the world would buy a car with a combustion engine; he declares his final goodbye to diesel and hybrid technology is here to stay . In fact, he is so happy with the Lexus is considering climb segment at its next acquisition and become a GS.

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