Why Self-Driving Cars May Eliminate Gasoline Use

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Self-driving cars are the future of the automobile industry, whether we like it or not. In fact, many car manufacturers have already started to design prototypes of self-driving vehicles. As a result, it is only a matter of time before self-driving vehicles hit the roads and highways.

While many experts and consumers alike reasonably imagine that self-driving vehicles will change our entire system of driving, a less obvious change that few think to consider is the impact self-driving vehicles will have on the use of gasoline. Believe it or not, experts believe that self-driving cars could significantly reduce our use of gasoline by the year 2025.

The End of the Gasoline Era

Not only are the vehicles of the future expected to be “smart” or self-driving, but they are also expected to be much quieter, take up less space and significantly reduce the incidence of car accidents.

Many experts also believe that self-driving vehicles will cause a significant decrease in air pollution because they will use electricity rather than gasoline as a fuel source. In fact, Templeton predicts that the transition to self-driving vehicles will reduce the carbon emissions of the United States by 200 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. He also believes that other forms of air pollution associated with the use of fossil fuels will be virtually eliminated.

Contrary to popular belief, electric vehicles are not a new phenomenon. Electric vehicles were around during the early 1900’s. In fact, electricity rather than gasoline was the staple fuel source at the time. Consumers considered gasoline to an inefficient and dirty fuel source in comparison to electricity. However, over time, gasoline won the popularity battle over electricity because there was no need to plug in or recharge a car with a gasoline engine every few miles. Car manufacturers also managed to design cars with gasoline engines that were able to compete with the clean commuting and ease of use of electric vehicles.

More than a century later, electric vehicles are now finally expected to make a huge comeback due to major technological advancements. Most notably, electric vehicles will be designed to last just as long between charges as the gasoline vehicle lasts between refuels at the gas station, if not even longer.

What Will This Change Signify for Drivers?

Without a doubt, there are people who oppose the advent of the electric car in the automobile industry. At the same time, the popularity of the Tesla vehicles only goes to show that electric cars have the potential to become very popular among consumers. Due to the tendency of humans to resist change, it is possible that the current opposition to electric cars may be a result of the “unknown” factor. Once this sector of consumers become more familiar with electric cars and their many advantages, it is possible that they will come around and embrace the transition to electric vehicles rather than oppose it.

Besides the reduced energy costs and the reduction of environmental pollution, it is also expected that self-driving vehicles could spur a huge change in human productivity. Many people spend more than an hour commuting to and from work. These people generally don’t realize it, but this translates to hundreds of hours spent just commuting to and from work every year. This doesn’t even take into account the amount of time that is spent driving to do errands around town, as well as other tasks. Consumers will be able to save a considerable amount of time every year due to the transition to self-driving vehicles. Rather than pay attention to the road, consumers will be free to eat, read books, use their smartphone or complete work without worrying about their safety.

Speaking of safety, the transition to self-driving vehicles will save the lives of potentially millions every year. Unlike humans, machines are not prone to error due to carelessness or inexperience. It is also not possible for a vehicle to be drug impaired. While many people may dislike the idea of handing over the responsibility for their safety to the vehicle, it is likely for the best.

In the near future, self-driving vehicles will be considered the standard in the automobile industry due to enhanced safety, environmental friendliness and more. As consumers wait for the advent of self-driving vehicles, they can improve their safety while driving by taking a NY defensive driving course. Defensive driving NY courses will go beyond simply teaching the basics of driver safety and delve into handy techniques that could potentially save your life.

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