Why a New Car Offers Great Value

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There are a range of options when it comes to finding and financing a new vehicle, from leasing and hire-purchase to buying one new or used from UnbeatableCar.com. Most people who are working on a budget will immediately look at used cars as their first port of call. However, a new car can offer greater value in many ways, despite attracting a higher price.

Perfect Condition

As a brand new car will not have had any previous owners it will be in the best condition it ever will be. This provides peace of mind, as there won’t be any worries that a previous owner has burnt out the clutch, shredded the tyres or that it is a written off vehicle being sold on illegally. Around 41% of used car buyers experience problems with their second-hand vehicles within the first year, with those over five years old the most troublesome.

Comprehensive Warranty

The best warranty you can get is the one that comes with a new car. It is often a comprehensive warranty that covers the cost of repairs and labour for at least three years or up to 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. While there are options to buy warranties for used cars these are never as inclusive, so you can save money by not having to pay for additional repair costs and breakdown cover.

Latest Safety Standards

Vehicle safety is incredibly important, especially for those driving with young children. Safety laws are becoming stricter, so all new models rolled out include the latest features that comply with the newest standards. Parking assist, adaptive headlights, backup sensors and many more safety features come with the majority of new cars.

Luxurious Looks

As well as being in top condition and driving like a dream, a new car will look its best too. Used vehicles can come with minor scratches and dents, taking some of the shine off their appearance, but a brand new one gives off that extra air of luxury. Starting out with a fine looking new car makes it easier to take care of and keep that way too.

Newest Technology

Much like with new cars including the latest safety features, you will also get the most recent technologies. Ranging from digital radios to heated seats, windscreens and more, it can save you time, money and effort on buying optional extras to add on.

When you’re looking for your next car, if you can afford it then consider a new model for that extra value.

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