Why 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Automobile Industry

3d printing

Chances are you have heard of 3D printers if you keep up with news in the technology and manufacturing sectors. A 3D printer is able to make a three dimensional object from just a digital file. As of now, 3D printers have mostly been used to make relatively simple objects, such as toys and figurines, it is certainly very likely that they will be used to make complex solid objects in the future. In fact, many experts predict that 3D printing has the potential to completely change and transform the automobile industry as we know it.

Applications of 3D Printing to the Automobile Industry

When people think of applications of 3D printing to the automobile industry, they may imagine a 3D printer making an entire vehicle with just one print job. While we are certainly not at that level yet, 3D printers have already been used to help manufacture vehicles and make driving easier and more convenient. For example, 3D printers are capable of printing car parts and car accessories. Without a doubt, when it comes to the applications of 3D printing to the automobile industry, the possibilities are endless.

In fact, recently a 3D printer was able to create a robot that is capable of walking fresh out of the press. This indicates that it may be possible for 3D printers to create complex objects, such as entire cars, in the future. Right now, all the parts for a vehicle can be printed in just under two days from complete scratch.

Due to 3D printing, it may be possible to order a brand new car and have it delivered to your home within a week. Even more amazingly, you may be able to have the vehicle designed exactly to your personal specifications. To most consumers, this may sound impossible, but it certainly appears that the auto industry is heading in this direction.

Advantages of 3D Printing for the Automobile Industry

Without a doubt, 3D printing has the potential to benefit the automobile industry immensely. Here are just a few of the many advantages that may result from 3D printing playing a larger, more prominent role in the automobile industry.

Faster Production

As suggested above, a possible advantage of 3D printing is that it will allow car manufacturers to achieve faster production of their vehicles. Additive manufacturing can achieve a continuous production of individual car parts. This will reduce the losses that usually take place with normal production. Faster production will mean greater continuity for the development process as well as the design of the automobile.

Also, additive manufacturing will make it easy for car manufacturers to fulfill custom requests. Instead of having to purchase entirely new machinery to be able to produce a less traditional part, they will just need to change the settings of the printer. Essentially, 3D printing will allow car manufacturers to be far more flexible with the design of their vehicles.

Less Risky

Another advantage of 3D printing for the automobile industry is that it is less risky. 3D printers will allow car manufacturers to achieve better capacity plans, more accurate production delivery dates, and the fulfillment of special requirements in a timely manner. Essentially, 3D printing will allow you to achieve far greater predictability, which in turn will allow you to deliver more products in less time. Predictability will allow you to adjust your prices easier without the risk of undercharging or overcharging.

Environmentally Friendly

The final main advantage of 3D printing is that it has the potential to make the automobile industry much more environmentally friendly. In order to build 3D cars, automobile manufacturers will be able to use recyclable materials. An automobile that is 3D printed will have a low rate of fuel emission as well as a lower carbon print. Also, in comparison to traditional manufacturing processes, the fabrication process for a 3D printed car requires relatively little electricity.

Without a doubt, the automobile industry will experience many changes in the future due to 3D printing. It is possible that 3D printing will introduce even more advantages to the car industry, such as greater safety. If you want to learn how to become a safer driver, you should consider taking a defensive driving course or attending a traffic school. Not only will you learn how to be safer driver, but you may also reduce your car insurance premium.

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