What Should I Look for in a New Car?

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When looking to buy a new car, it’s simple to become a bit like a ‘kid in a candy shop’. With so much choice and so many great deals available, it’s very easy to get carried away. However, you need to make a priority hit list before you visit the dealer. Before arrival you need to work out exactly what you want, including: what’s essential, and what’s desirable. In this post, we rundown the top five things to consider.

#5 Technology

If you commute long distances, then it’s a good idea to have a number of entertainment features and driver aids available.

Unless you’re going for the most basic model, features such as cruise control, DAB radio, Bluetooth and satellite navigation are relatively commonplace. As such, they’re not particularly expensive, so they’re well worth considering.

If you only drive short journeys, you may not need them, but they’re worth keeping in mind.

#4 Resale

You may only just be buying your car, but you also need to think about the long term. Some cars hold their value better than others do, so you’ll need to consider how much money the car’s value will decrease by over time.

Admittedly, this shouldn’t be a key consideration, but you should still take it into account. After all, it’s likely that when you come to replace this car, the value of it will be your deposit for the next vehicle.

#3 Economy

Economy is becoming an increasingly big consideration for most drivers. Like it or not, the price of petrol is continuing to rise, so getting around in your car is more expensive than ever before.

Now, big manufacturers are putting a focus on frugality, making 1.0-litre engines that are perfect for urban areas. If you’re interested in economy, give these a try.

#2 Warranty and Reliability 

Now, many manufacturers are offering extended warranties, knowing that people are looking for reliability in their new cars.

If you buy a Toyota from RRG, for example, you can get a 100,000 mile (or 5 years warranty), which could potentially last for the duration you own the car.

If you pick up a warranty like this, which is also made available by some other brands, you’re providing yourself with trouble free motoring. It’s a no-brainer.

#1 Safety

Finally, safety should always be your most important consideration. Bargains are always important, but you need to ensure corners aren’t being cut on safety. Ensure you check the Euro NCAP safety rating before you buy.

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