Understanding the Basics of SR22 Insurance


Have you been told that you need to file SR22 insurance? Do you even know what it is? The reality is that, for all our best intentions, we sometimes make bad decisions, particularly when it comes to driving. If you have done this, then you may be asked to file SR22 insurance before you can drive again, which is basically a form (not a type of insurance) that proves that you are fully insured. Essentially, the DMV wants to see this after you have had your licensed suspended, or if your license is about to be suspended because you have had too many points.

Who Needs SR22 Insurance/Coverage?

Essentially, SR22 insurance is needed by anyone who wants to reinstate or keep their driving privileges. Usually, someone who is told they need this coverage will be told to hold it for between one and three years. Generally speaking, filing SR22 is not expensive and it is usually done directly through the insurance company. The fee is usually somewhere between $25 and $50, and it only has to be paid once. The filing demonstrates that a driver is paying for their insurance. While the coverage itself is not expensive, those who have to hold it will usually see that their vehicle insurance premiums rise significantly. If, therefore, the $25 to $50 is something you cannot afford on top of your premium, you can try to file yourself directly to the DMV. This will not, however, reduce your insurance premiums.

How Do I Know if I Need SR22?

If your license has been suspended or is pending suspension, you will be notified of this and of the fact that you will need SR22 coverage to reinstate or keep your license. This means you are classed as a ‘high risk driver’. To be classed as that, you must have been negligent on the road, amassed too many speeding tickets, have been convicted of a DUI, or have been found as at-fault driving. The other option is that you were caught driving without insurance.

Unfortunately, the reality is that if you need SR22 insurance, you will have made a significant mistake while driving and the reality is also that you will have put many people’s lives at risk in so doing. However, everybody deserves to get a second chance and this is what the SR22 gives you. You will need this for a certain period of time, after which you will once again be classed as a regular driver. At that point, your regular insurance premiums will start to drop significantly again as well.

One very important thing to remember is that if you do not make your insurance payments, your SR22 will immediately be cancelled. The DMV will be notified of this, and your license will be suspended. This means that, in order to reinstate it once again, you will have to pay the associated fees with license reinstatement and you will have to pay the SR22 coverage fee again as well.

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