Toyota i-Road, the electric vehicle

Toyota i-Road, the electric vehicle Toyota has already moved to Tokyo


It is not entirely true that Toyota is not developing electric vehicles. There seems to be clear that they are also feasible electric cars, and instead doing very absorbed with electric fuel cell hydrogen, but does have an electric vehicle and rolling through the streets (and you can see it in motion in the video end).


This is the Toyota i-Road an electric tricycle with bodywork, some how similar to a Renault Twizy and the Carver One, though, unlike the French electric quadricycle, default is already complete with doors and windows. The big difference comes from its three wheels, two in front, larger, and one behind, smaller, which is also directional.

The most special is that this tricycle leans like a motorcycle thanks to the front wheels slide up and down, supervised by an automatic self-stabilization. See the operation is almost surprising, is very agile and turns too easily in very little space, while remaining stable and also totally silent.

Toyota is already revealing the Toyota i-Road on the streets of Tokyo, where customers can now try and curious. It drives like a car with a circular wheel. It measures 2.35 m long, weighs about 300 kg, has a square, motors on the front wheels, a total capacity of nearly 5.5 hp and 50 km of autonomy. It is designed to dominate the city.

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