Spectacular Limit the BTCC in 1992

The Formula 1 2013/2014 season is coming to an end, and unfortunately, occurs for many years now. The lack of excitement has been the dominant feature in most of the races. At least this time we must acknowledge that with two races remaining in the season, both drivers are playing the championship, even of the same team.


It is clear that in regard to Formula 1 for the viewer any past was better, so no wonder it has lost many followers and they seek emotions in other racing categories.

Personally, I’ve always believed that racing vehicles with bodywork have always been more fun than featuring cars because it is usually more common the existence of contact between vehicles due to increased resistance of these. Of course, this may encourage pilots can take more risks without fear of running out of the race at the slightest touch, making overtaking the limits are more common.

Therefore, I would like to share the following video where you can see the last three laps of a race for the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), more specifically the race in 1992 at the Silverstone circuit. I guarantee that this video will find more excitement than all lived this year in F1.

If you are not familiar with this title, you should know that the BTCC is a championship that has been held since 1958, the most popular and important festival of the British Isles, and the champion of this year was the Northern Irish rider Colin Turkington at the wheel of a BMW 1 Series.

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