Special Brakes Maintenance Tips


Unlike the brake pads, discs have a barely perceptible wear in any case there is a little trick to determine whether to change discs for excessive wear. The trick is to move the nail on the edge of the disk, if the nail hooks, the discs must be changed, if the nail does not engage, the discs are still in good condition.

Among other problems that can be found in the brake discs, the other two main ones are the fracture or warpage. These problems will note in the brake feel, you will feel irregular, like a knock on the pedal frequency low down as speed during braking. Use quality rims in your car, it is better solution for brake system. Here we present an online shop where you will find variety of Mercedes Benz rims for sale.

Also demanding use down a steep slope with heavy use of the brakes can cause overheating that produces the deformation of the brake disc. After the jump we continue with this special dedicated to maintaining where we will focus on brake discs and brake fluid.

These defects are usually produced by washing the car or put it in an area with plenty of water after a demanding use. The disks are hot and when in contact with cold water deform or break. So you have to wait a while before you start washing the car, and drive carefully through flooded areas if we just make heavy use of the brakes.

In any case, the disc has already been broken or warped must be replaced, I recommend going to a competent mechanic to perform this operation. It is not a complicated operation, but as an element of the car is closely related to our security, I personally would not risk it.

State of drum brakes

Unfortunately for carrying drum brakes, there is no simple way to look at the state of the drum brakes. It must be deduced from the behavior that the braking shoes linings have reached the end of its useful life, usually last long (more than pills in disc brakes), but sometimes they must be replaced. The drum itself is not replaced almost ever, because it is usually a very tough piece.

Checking the brake fluid

Concerning the maintenance of the brake fluid, there are two basic operations, purging or bleeding of the circuit and fluid replacement. Purging is a maneuver that is performed when there are suspicions that air has entered the circuit. The way to know that air has entered the brake circuit is because the pedal is spongy and sometimes stopping power is lost.

The purging operation brake is a fairly simple operation that involves removing the air from the lines carrying hydraulic fluid to the brakes, is a maneuver that varies widely from car to car, but broadly speaking, is open circuit usually by screws in the grippers, and sequentially actuating the braking system until the air out of all tubes.

The brake fluids can be of various types, they are usually based glycol such as DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 (1 and 2 but were no longer used), but there are also silicone – based as DOT5. The higher the number that accompanies the “DOT”, the higher the boiling point of the brake fluid. In the tank cover normally we find the guy that we take to our car. Case apart is the Citroen, which in their cars with hydro pneumatic suspension shares the liquid suspension and brake fluid carries a specific liquid.

And here the special brakes, you know, if you want to make a contribution of those juicy yours, a correction or simply review comments and orderly.

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