Seven cars related gifts you could ask for this Christmas


The approaching Christmas and with it comes time to choose which gifts we want. As readers Auto Zone assumes that we are passionate about cars, so as a car usually is a gift that is beyond the allocated budget, maybe one of these seven objects we have selected related in one way or another with cars , help us to fill the always tricky gift list.

Colonies, clothing, video cameras, bicycles or watches that are related to the automotive world. They are only seven, but perhaps will inspire you to start writing this in … “Dear Magi: This year I’ve been good, they have not given me any fine and I have not skidded almost anything with the car … ”

Loewe Cologne and direct drive a Porsche circuit


Who has not thought of asking this Christmas as a gift a bottle of cologne. Yes, it is one of the handiest gifts during this time. Well, if you opt for the colonies Loewe Pour Homme or Esencia Loewe , and receive custom boats a beautiful band of colors reminiscent cars classic races and a number 40 who remember that we are on the 40th anniversary of both colonies , you’ll end up in the Jarama circuit or the Circuit de Catalunya driving a Porsche .

The first 1,200 buyers of one of these two fragrances that mess with the code you receive the product in the indicated web, receive no draws a square in driving experiences. Without draws and no tricks. They are also doing a great promotion of this initiative, so much so that a few days ago I was able to spend a good time playing R-Factor in El Corte Inglés in the booth Loewe, where also had gotten as decoration a Porsche 911 Turbo generation 964 .

Polos Hackett Aston Martin


The clothing brand Hackett has an agreement since 2005 with Aston Martin , for which his clothes is the official clothing of the British automotive brand par excellence. In his catalog, immense secondly, there is a line of clothing and accessories worn by Aston Martin logo perfectly combined with the style of Hackett.

From poles to jackets, suitcases and wallets, Hackett collection you will find this piece of clothing you have to ask a family every year at this time. Their prices are not cheap, since for example the poles photo cost 100 euros and 70 euros shirt , but the quality and durability of the garment is usually very high. At least they are not as expensive as an Aston Martin.

Nilox House


Subjective cameras that record your driving skills are one of the handiest for several Christmas gifts. There are different models, types and prices, but one of the most interesting in my point of view are Nilox F-60 MM93 , maybe you sound because Marc Marquez announced on television and hence its name MM93.

Full HD, an angle of 175 °, remote control, connection for Micro and slow motion function to try to imitate Ken Block in your next video. Also takes photos up to 16 megapixels. The price is 309 € .

Porsche Driver’s Selection


In the Porsche Driver’s Selection you can find countless German brand related items. It is possibly one of the most extensive catalogs are few car brands, because it has all kinds of items, from clothing brand until decorative item for home or even toys.

Of all the gifts available, we have selected the Hybrid Ultralight luggage set . Light and classic design looks spellings in lime green that look identical to the E-Hybrid Porsche. Are not as expensive as the game of the Porsche 918 Spyder bags and also allow you to travel at all times with a Porsche in your hands.

BMW M Bike


In the catalog of car brands, sometimes you can find absolutely everything from golf clubs and balls BMW until eg BMW M Bike . He has no V8 or four tailpipes at the rear, or a measly traction control, but this bike is inspired by the sportiest range of BMW.

It is a mixed between road and mountain bike as it has tires for use on asphalt but also has front suspension. His appearance is striking, thanks to matt gray and red box bearing profile tires al. Can you imagine that someday stop trying to prove only cars bikes? I dread to think.

Bentley Twins


Always wanted to feel the metallic touch of the gearshift of a Bentley in your hand, right? Well if you can not because you can not afford to buy a Bentley, you can always opt for these precious twins who have the same shape as said lever and said by the way, are much cheaper than the average of gifts that you can find on the boutique brand of British origin .

These twins Bentley little cost more than 90 euros, which can enter into what I consider a good gift for Christmas. Elegance and style are not going to miss when you use them, and with them and you will be one step closer to being a Gentleman Driver.

Watch Tag Heuer Formula 1


Only if you have been very very good, you can order this gift. This is the watch Tag Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 6 , one of the most representative for the Swiss watch brand has recently been refurbished models. You now have the box 41mm polished steel and brushed in a black or white dial is there. The second hand has a red tip to enhance its sportiness.

Keep holding the crown of steel “Easy Grip” with shield embossed brushed TAG Heuer. It is a sporty yet elegant timepiece inspired by the world of competition where Tag Heuer has been present for many years. If you do not like the steel bracelet, another perforated black rubber . With you enter the select group of owners Tag Heuer watches, a watch house offering great tradition since it was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer.

Yes, we know that many dreaming you follow this supercar you’d want to have in the garage. But gradually, it will come .

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