Regular Service and Maintenance of Your Car Will Save Money and Lives


Regularly servicing and repairing your car will prevent large unwanted bills in the future. It will also ensure that your car gives you service for a long time. As well, the resale value of your car will be considerably better if you keep your car looking good and the engine working properly.

Other advantages of regular servicing

  • You will spend less money

If you catch a problem during servicing, it will be repaired before it becomes a big issue and this will save you money.

  • Efficiency

Long term wear and tear will cause fuel leaks. If your car has been running without servicing, you will spend a lot of money on fuel. If you take it for regular servicing, your car could go a whole lifetime without ever leaking.

  • Warranty claims

A new car comes with a warranty. Should your car experience mechanical damage before the warranty period is up, your servicing records will serve as evidence that you have been taking proper care of it.

This will allow you to claim on your warranty. If you have not been regularly servicing your car, it will become harder to convince the car seller that the damage is not as a result of your negligence.

Why the car manual is important

Most people buy a car but never read the manual. Different models of cars have different care needs, so you should read your car’s manual to know its specific servicing and care needs.

Your manual shows:

  • How regularly your car will need servicing
  • How regularly you should replace oil
  • How often you should replace car parts

By following the service manual, you can plan ahead for when you will need to service your car, and your plan will tell you how much money you should put aside for servicing, repairs and car care products.

If you follow the servicing schedule, you will not spend money unnecessarily.

Do not ignore dashboard messages

Most cars now come with computerized self-diagnosing components. When your car has a problem, it will normally display a message on the dashboard. Messages can be about your car’s braking system, tire pressure, cooling systems, oil levels, wheel alignment and others.

Respond to these messages as soon as they show up. If you ignore them, you will pay hefty bills later on, both for repairs and insurance costs. You also risk putting yourself, other occupants in the car, pedestrians, and other motorists in danger.

Some Parts of your car that need servicing

  1. The cambelt

For most cars, cambelt replacement is required after 70,000 miles to 80,000 miles.

  1. Car tires

The frequency of car tire replacement will depend on how much you are on the road. Car tires could blow or lose traction, so do not ignore your tires.

  1. Brakes

Your brakes should be checked at least once yearly. If your manual recommends more frequent checkups, ensure you follow those instructions.

Without good brakes, you will get into all sorts of accidents and they could be fatal, especially if you are on the highway.

These are the most important parts that could cost you a lot of money and you should pay attention to them during every servicing.


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