Preparation of Toyota gt86


Toyota gt86

If there is something we can all agree with the Toyota 86 is its good dynamics and how fun it is, but also where we agree is in their lack of chicha; and is so well resolved chassis is able to digest these well over 200 horses adjust boxer engine delivering his Subaru home .

Despite numerous requests, the Japanese manufacturer not seems to want to ignore user’s enhanced drawing a larger version of the same engine block or directly. Some preparers tuning have dared to do something, creating turbo kits and other modifications to the mechanical level, but nothing short of what we bring today.

Auto Zone future to get the entire juice blocks FA20, and has been able to catapult to 280 horses with a torque of 310 Nm. We sell various preparation stages, ranging from 230 horses to 280 1.3 Stage of Stage 2.


Toyota gt86 Side View

This has been achieved through the inclusion of a turbo kit, an intercooler and a direct inlet system, and exhaust manifolds. To this is added the re-programming of the PBX , but we know little such improvement.

Surely with more money and desire, could have taken more horses with new camshafts or lightening the flywheel, making an even more radical GT86 beast. We hope that in the future more ponies keep scratching this sporty Toyota wasted.

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