Porsche Electric Cars: Check out the Technologies

Porsche Electric Cars

Every major automobile manufacturer is dabbling with electric car technology. It is seen as the best way to reduce the current reliance on fossil fuels and to reduce harmful emissions. Porsche has just moved the goal, by unveiling a new concept car; the Mission E Electric Sports Car. Although the vehicle is only a concept car the technology it employs is very real.

Revealed in Frankfurt, at the International Auto Show, the fabulous 600 horsepower monster car will reach 100 km per hour in a little as 3.5 seconds, thus beating Porsche 911’s latest record of 4.2 seconds. According to the manufacturers, the Mission E Electric concept will reach the auto market in about 5 years.

Porsche Electric Cars

All New Charging

Porsche has recognized that the kind of customer who buys a Porsche wants a fast sports car; and they do not want to be sat waiting for hours whilst it recharges. The Porsche E Mission will be the first vehicle to have an eight hundred volt driving system; this is twice the voltage that the current ranges of electric cars use. There are two major benefits to doubling the voltage:

  1. A car running with double the voltage can be charged much quicker than the standard electric car. It is estimated that the Porsche Mission E will be able to recharge to eighty percent power within just fifteen minutes! This would give it a range of two hundred and sixty miles before needing another fifteen minute charge! The estimated range on a full charge is approximately three hundred miles.
  2. The higher voltage system and charging system actually use thinner gauge cables than the current systems. This means that the car can shed some of its weight. This will help increase the distance it can cover and the speed at which it can cover it.

Unique technology and design

Porsche has unveiled this technology in the prototype Mission E and has promised that this is the first vehicle of its kind; no other vehicle is built to run on an eight hundred volt system.

Porsche Electric Cars

The motors

The Mission E is powered via two permanent magnet synchronous motors, one for each set of wheels. The two motors will develop just over six hundred horsepower, taking the car from zero to sixty in just three and a half seconds. The car should maintain this capability even when the batteries are low on charge. These motors are very similar to the ones Porsche used at the Le Mans twenty four hour race; and finishing first and second in. A particularly impressive feat as Porsche was running hybrids.

First of its kind

Porsche has several hybrid electric vehicles on the market but does not, currently, produce any all electric vehicle. The Mission E is also impressive in that it is able to deliver full power even when you have had several bursts of acceleration; this is not something that other electric powered vehicles can do yet.

Battery packs

In keeping with Porsche’s sports heritage the Mission E is a beautiful looking sports car. The batteries are positioned under the car and stretch the whole length of the car; from axle to axle. This keeps the centre of gravity low and the weight balanced to ensure the best possible handling.

The challenge

Porsche has found a way to make the electric car acceptable to those who demand performance and to anyone who wishes to undertake long drives, without being compelled to take long breaks while the car recharges. The astonishingly fast recharge time gives Porsche an edge that not even Telsa has. Tesla’s famous Model S made quite an impression back in 2012; and right now, Porsche’s goal is to beat that record and thus develop an even more efficient electric car.

However, there are currently no charging stations which can deliver a three hundred kilowatt recharge at a power rating of eight hundred volts. The electric recharging infrastructure is limited. Now is the time to develop it but it must be with the right technology. Porsche are certainly suggesting an eight hundred volt charger would make it feasible to take your electric car anywhere. It is time that governments and other car manufacturers stepped up to the challenge!

By Alfred Stallion and Design911.co.uk!

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