Planning Your Campervan Conversion

Campervan Conversion

If you’re thinking of converting your campervan into a stylish, practical space for you to enjoy then you have an exciting project ahead! Converting your campervan is a really great project to work on, with so many different ways in which you can create a really cool, personal space that works really well for you and your family. Before you get started on your project, there are a few key points to consider to make sure you’re fully prepared and ready to get going!

Work out a Budget

It almost goes without saying, but setting yourself a budget for your campervan project is essential. Figure out exactly how much you can put into this conversion project, taking important factors such as labour, fittings, tools and then the important legal things too. Once you’ve established exactly how much you have to spend, separate it into sections to keep yourself on top of the spending and make sure you don’t spend way too much on one part of the conversion, leaving you with less for the other parts. There is no limit to how much a campervan conversion costs, you can honestly spend as little or as much as you like, but it’s important to keep a clear understanding of what you have and what you’ve spent as you go along.

Personal and Professional Skills

Breaking the mould and attempting new things can be a challenge, especially when it’s a project as big as a campervan conversion, but you’d be surprised just how much you can do yourself throughout the campervan conversion to save yourself a little money that can be used on other areas of the conversion. If you’re unsure of your own skill set, watch a selection of YouTube video tutorials and how-to videos, as this will help you get a better understanding of how to do things yourself. Figure out what you think you could do yourself, and then you can look at getting a professional in for some extra help and advice for the more technical aspects of the conversion.

Key Things to Consider

Workshop – if you have your own space available for you to work on your VW camper conversions then you can prepare it properly, making sure you have plenty of space and the right tools to help you. If you don’t have the space, you can work on your vehicle outside, just remember to keep it covered and shielded from any unexpected bad weather if you’ve added sealant or new windows!

Driveways – Your driveway is the perfect location for working on your campervan. Not only is it safe and private, but you don’t have to worry about having tools and essential items all over the place. You can also take as much time as you need too when your situated on a driveway, whereas on the roadside you can often find yourself having to move the vehicle from time to time!

Tools – This can be one of the expensive elements to a campervan conversion. If you can use tools you already have then this is a huge bonus. Try not to spend too much money on fancy tools, however, as once you’ve used them you probably won’t need them again. To save money, see if any family members or friends have any tools you could borrow, as this enables you to use the money on other parts to your conversion.

Your Licence

Dependant on the style and model of your campervan, it’s essential to think about the driving licence you currently hold. If your vehicle is still classed as a Class 4 van, then you can drive this on a car licence. When the vehicle falls into the Class 7 category, however, you can still drive this with a car license, however you may need to have checks done to ensure it’s safe and you have the confidence you need!

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