Must-Have Tools for Your Garage

garage Any self-respecting petrolhead needs a garage setup that will really let them go to town, where there’s nothing you can’t do to beef up your machine. Once you’ve got the space, what you really need is the gear, and here’s our advice on the absolute musts and how to get the best for your buck.

Engine Crane

Sooner or later a dedicated modder is going to need to switch out their engine as technology improves, but we all know you’re not getting something that heavy and bulky out with your bare hands, so this is an essential piece of kit for the driver that thinks ahead.

Jack and Creeper Setup

If you need to get under the car (and you will) there are three vital tools. First, you need a jack to hoist it up. We recommend a hydraulic trolley jack because they’re mobile and not too pricey. Once the car’s up you’ll want a good strong pair of axle stands to hold it in place.

Once that’s done you’ll want a car creeper to slide underneath. It’s a whole lot easier than trying to crawl or shuffle underneath and gives you greater freedom of movement.

Ratchet and Wrench Extenders

Petrolheads are all about power, and these handy add-ons help you get a little bit more force behind your tools and apply it in those awkward tight spaces within the vehicle without disassembling large sections of the car to get at that awkward bolt.

Under-hood Light

A flashlight is fine if you want to go caving or hunt Scooby Doo villains, but if you need to see what’s going in the deep, dark places under your bonnet you’ll want a light that gives off illumination in every direction. You can get purpose-made handheld lights that are ideal and also work as under-car lighting, though you can also get creepers with a built-in light to keep your hands free when you’re under the car.

Work Bench and Toolbox

Easy access to all your gear will save you hours of scurrying from one side of the garage to another. The best way to get this is with a mobile combination worktable and toolbox so you can always have the tools you need and the space to use them when and where you need them. A range of such benches is available from SGS Engineering.


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