Multiple Uses for Feather Flags


Flags evoke a sense of reverence among those who understand what they may symbolize. This is especially true of country or state flags, which stand for history and have deep meanings to all who honor them. They inspire patriotic support and make people reflect on the meaning of specific histories. There are other purposes for flags, however. In addition to being identity symbols, they have had some practical uses.

Custom feather flags can be planted in the ground to mark off spaces for events like public marathon races, prohibited areas in public spaces or driving space for patrons. They are often bright, colorful and leave no room for second guessing. These flags are made the stand straight up in the ground like a stake, so they are hard to miss. They come in a wide array of colors so they are not confused with road signs and can match the designated colors for occasions.

Flags can also serve as alerts to people to keep them away from danger or warn them that they are approaching something dangerous at their own risk. People have also used triangle pendant flags to alert drivers about heavily trafficked sporting events. These work with a dual purpose. In addition to giving an indication about traffic flow, they also help promote a coming event or one that is already in progress. Promoters have used these flags to boost last-minute ticket sales and cross promote for memorabilia items.

Businesses have found flags useful for alerting customers about sales or special services they offer. Car lots have used them to alert potential buyers that they provide in-house financing. Realtors use them to tell potential buyers that an open house is in progress. Other retailers print the name of the most prominent product that they offer on the flags to let customers know what they can find inside stores. This kind of display has helped business owners capture passerby traffic and boost sales.

There is no question that people choose flags to get the attention of others. They are brightly colored and provoke onlookers to come closer for another look at something they may be missing. Made mostly of vinyl, many flags used for promotional purposes are durable and can be used several times. This guarantees a good return on flags as an advertising investment, and gives business owners a low-cost way to connect with customers.

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