Leaked images of the new Audi Q7

Leaked images of the new Audi Q7

Well, it is. What you can see in the pictures is the new Audi Q7 course, published by assuring that have appeared over the network. We knew that Audi was working on the new generation Audi Q7, a model that assumed its first SUV back in 2006 and has been a resounding success, but ‘go marine fabric’.

I’m not doubting that are official images leaked, but it seems to have taken a photo of the current Q7 and we have adapted the front of the new Audi Q3 with photoshop … But look is ugly!! It’s rough, looks like the typical minivan passenger version. Compared to the current Audi Q7, think it’s a step back aesthetically speaking, at least outwardly.

Leaked images of the new Audi Q7 2

Moreover, I can not say the same of what little we can see the cabin, although it is the least important part of it. Admittedly, the interiors of the German firm, although simple visually, are attractive, with an ‘advanced’ image technology. Quite the contrary that their exterior designs.

Digital instrumentation display as in the Audi TT is appreciated, very few commands to view and retractable screen in the center. Also seems to have a fairly high center tunnel, leaving many hand controls and ‘boxing’ the driver in place.

Leaked images of the new Audi Q7

No single data model, just seem to have ‘filter’ pictures, but we know that will have major improvements such as a reduction in weight of more than 350 kg or even an ‘e-tron’ version with a diesel engine . You will use the platform MBL Evo, Matrix LED headlights and countless more.

The new Audi Q7 is presented in January at the Detroit Motor Show is expected, so do not take long to find out more. It is also possible, as happens sometimes that after filtration, Audi finally publish all the data more official images.

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