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I remember perfectly that the day in which he examined me from driving the panic that had many of my colleagues to the fact that the examiner did turn them park was so intense you could even feel the atmosphere. At that time I was not surprised much due to inexperience behind the wheel of all, and especially that day was nerves were normal to the surface.

However, today I’m impressed to see how people with enough years of driving experience still have panic to do this everyday maneuvering on driving, while on the contrary, do not hesitate to go at speeds exaggerated by roads full of traffic, talk on the phone while driving, or not to exercise extreme caution in rain or fog regardless of its terrible consequences. And I keep thinking the same until the day that I found out that a person has died by accident while trying to park. Car parking is easy now, parking control are used for parking control. It is used in big parking space where hundreds of car use to park. Here in UK car parking tools like ukpc is using widely.

Fortunately, as often happens with many daily tasks around us, technology is introduced to make our lives easier, or even to do homework for us. The rear cameras, sensors, and parking attendants are increasingly part standard equipment of the vehicles, but who for now can not access this technology should continue to rely on their skills in full.

So, I’d like to help all those who see the parking maneuver like a daunting task worthy of Hercules himself. It is for a fact that there are many websites where you will see indications of how to do well, therefore, that if you write in Google “how to park well” you will about 1,560,000 results. So here I will try not only to remind the theory, but also try to apply some tips that will be useful in practice, and all this openly or technicalities.

The secret

Let’s cut the nonsense, there is no secret forever infallibly parked. The park better or worse depends on our qualities and experience behind the wheel. It is learned as a subject for an exam. You’ll stay more than two hours while your classmate has only needed one, but if you’re not sure you’ve studied you fail.

Another factor is fear. I hope no offense, but I’ve always considered stupid not to dare to park in a safe place because you do not get. Forget completely that never can, because fear is the only enemy that always rule if you face it. So next time you have to park in a place where you think you do not get yourself a favor and daring, and while running the maneuver completely forget about trying to do it quickly so that other drivers do not start honking because so it will take longer.

And you’re not fussy about your beginnings; they’ll take away the driving license if you let it not perfectly aligned, but make sure not over steps the movement neither of other vehicles nor to those who are parked on your side. Once successful, go slowly increasing your need, and when you least expect parking perfectly without any problems.


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