Items That Must Be On Your Mancave Walls

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Guys like to have a space they call their own, which is why the mancave was invented. Each mancave is designed based on the preferences of the man who will be dwelling in that cave, but there are certain design elements all mancaves share. Your mancave is simply not complete until you have these basic elements on your walls.

Autographed Sports Memorabilia

No mancave wall is complete without autographed NFL memorabilia of some kind. While the memorabilia would have significantly higher conversational value if it was something you had since you were a child, but you can always buy items specifically for your mancave if you have nothing to start with.

Neon Or Light-Up Beer Sign

It can be said that the neon or light-up beer sign in a mancave is cliche, but it should be considered more tradition than cliche. If you want to give your mancave the feeling of being a real sports bar, then using the same kind of lighting in sports bar is a good way to start. Neon and light-up beer signs also add some color to your mancave in a way that will not interfere with the rest of your decor.

Athlete Pictures

What better way to spend the day watching sports than with the images of your sports heroes all over your mancave walls? A variety of athletes from different sports and eras always makes for a fun and interesting display. Along with your favorite athletes, you should consider also adding some greats that sports fans enjoy talking about. Whether it is a famous heavyweight boxing champion or a great baseball slugger, an athlete’s picture always adds character to any mancave wall.

Game Day Items

Each mancave is different, but just about every mancave has the fake bullpen telephone on the wall or the bat holders. Just as sure as you will see seats from the old stadium in a mancave, you can also expect to see a whiteboard with a hockey rink printed on it or a replica of the famous cork board where athletes post news articles from their competition to give them inspiration.

When you decorate your mancave, you want it to look just like you picture it in your mind. If you are ever looking at your mancave walls and thinking that something is missing, then you are probably lacking one of those elements that have become mancave traditions.

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