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When we launched this blog we did with the purpose of generating a new space for information, dialogue and search for ideas and solutions in the exciting world of sports business. I have received a significant amount of feedback on the content published but I was with a comment of a 23-year-old Roberto, interested in working in the sport. Today we will discuss on the possibility of sports market.

Ideally to meet the challenges of an industry is to have academic expertise in sports marketing management and to deepen the knowledge of the market but there are other areas of the business that can be covered with specific knowledge and a large dose of passion. Today, in response to our friend Roberto, will show you some ideas on our sport market research in which you could start billing tomorrow if you already have the required skills, with little investment but yes, with love for the sport.

Community Manager

If you followed a course for the management of social networks and you want to take your talent and ability to communicate in the virtual field to the sports industry tell you that there are several international and local sports brands that have not yet secured their online presence. Can you imagine the amount of complex synthetic grass or gyms they need to promote social networks to win customers? Also, sports federations and municipalities themselves require specific social support networks to generate engagement of its members.

Manager synthetic grass tennis

The growth of synthetic grass courts has been exponential over the last ten years there are now over a thousand synthetic fields installed in Lima and most of them covered with the times, given the high demand. If you are prepared with basic knowledge of management and properly handle your relationships, this could be your new job. You would be responsible for managing holiday schedules for the various companies and groups of friends, monitor maintenance, security, cleaning and even you could take care of the local advertising market.

Personal trainer and / or Coach

Healthy life and culture of the body not only have markedly increased the emergence of new international chains of gyms addition, but the professionalization of personal training. If you are a person who projects a fitness life style and also has leadership skills this is a good opportunity to find a new workspace. It is essential to follow a specialization course for personal trainers and generate a personal mark for you to increase your service to your customers.

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