Hyundai i40 2015

Hyundai i40 2015

The Korean automaker Hyundai will update your D segment sedan: the Hyundai i40 was renewed in 2015 . This model is the most popular modeling competition for our country as the Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia or 508, to name a few. Besides body of three volumes and four doors is also available with familiar body, the i40 Cw.

This is a restyling generation of Hyundai i40 which came out in 2011, in which the main changes focus on the headlights, grille and bumper. Of the features of identity that’s changed is the daytime running LED, which in the current model is a wavy line, and the new will be a straight line. Front fog lamps are LED.

Hyundai i40 2015

The grid follows the style that has been already in the newcomer Hyundai i20 2014, the new one is big, wide, one-piece and with a little trapezoidal (or a diamond) hexagonal shape. The rear little change basically pilot design.

Hyundai i40 2015: slight changes to catch up

Inside the changes are perhaps more subtle still, essentially reduced to a slight redesign of the center console, to give space to the color touch screen infotainment system, and new interior colors. Hyundai says that new materials are used with better look and feel of quality.

Hyundai i40 2015

Yes it will come some perhaps more interesting novelty in what concerns the mechanical part. There will still be a gasoline engine of 135 hp and two diesel engines, a 115 hp, like the present, and a new 141 hp instead of 136 hp it has today. Stresses the addition of a new automatic transmission dual-clutch seven-speed.

Tires with low rolling resistance, front grille with automatic shutters, system: several strategies are also incorporated to reduce consumption stop-start and a new more efficient alternator.

He also released a new traction control and stability which improves the dynamic behavior and various equipment driver assistance, such as recognition of traffic signs and road lights assistant, among others. The Hyundai i40 2015 Cw (family), the rear suspension is of varying hardness with electronic control.

So far details are not known.

Hyundai i40 2015

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