How to Lower Your Car Insurance Payments

Most people want to lower their car insurance rates to help keep the household budget under control. Fortunately, there are several simple ways that individuals and families can lower the rates they pay for car insurance. Take a look at a few examples.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record


Ideally, you want to maintain a driving record that contains no accidents or tickets. This can earn you low car insurance rates. However, if you have an accident or two on your driving record, you can take steps to try to prevent more. For example, pausing a few extra seconds at an intersection after a traffic light changes from red to green can help you to avoid an accident. There is always a chance that another driver will push a red light and speed through an intersection at the last minute. Pausing a few extra moments can save you from being hit by someone who is driving in a careless manner. When it comes to highway driving, you should leave one car’s length of space between your vehicle and the car ahead. By doing this, you allow yourself time to stop if there is an issue on the road. Of course, there are some accidents that are unavoidable, but taking these simple steps can help you to lessen the chances of being involved in one.

Purchase a Newer Car

Purchasing a later model car can help a person to lower his or her car insurance rates. Newer cars have more safety features such as back-up cameras, extra airbags and anti-lock brakes. Having these features can prevent some accidents or even lessen the amount of damage if there is an accident. A person who is thinking about getting a new car may want to do something such as inquire about car insurance quotes Carrolton to see what his or her actual insurance costs would be.

Check for Special Rates for Teenage Drivers

Sometimes families with teenage drivers can lower their car insurance rates by taking advantage of special discounts connected with academic performance. For instance, some car insurance companies offer lower rates to teens who maintain a particularly high grade point average in school. This can add up to substantial savings for the family.

Finally, taking on the mindset of a defensive driver can help you to avoid some accidents and earn lower car insurance rates. Practice safe driving by putting down the cellphone and focusing on the road ahead.

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