How to Keep Your NY Driving Record Clean

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Every time you get hit with another moving violation, traffic ticket, or any other kind of citation- the points will accumulate on your license. The amount of points you accrue per incident depends on the type of citation you’re given and where you are when it happens. Some of the usual reasons people get ticketed are reckless driving, speeding, broken lights, failure to obey traffic signs and signals, not signaling before changing lanes or turning, DUI, driving without a license, not giving the right of way to pedestrians, parking violations, and failure to pay previous citations and so on- ad nausium.

Most of these violations will add points to your driving license, and if you get too many of them- your license will be suspended. What’s worse is, most insurance companies will regularly check your driving record and they may increase your premiums if they see your point counts going up.

Auto insurance rates are a very big deal in New York. Like New Jersey and California, New York auto insurance premiums are about as high as they come. Every driver in this country has to have auto insurance to drive legally, and those who shirk the law usually end up paying more in fines and hassle than they would otherwise.

Points and fines and fees can pile up to the point that a person just can’t seem to keep ahead of it anymore. At least that’s the big fear that we’re all laboring to avoid. This is the main reason to maintain a clean driving record and keep clear of any kind of mark against your right to drive. Never forget, even though they tell us that driving is a privilege, most people could never maintain their living without a car or truck. That means you aren’t just struggling to keep your driving legal- you’re straining to hold onto a vital resource.

This is the meaning of defensive driving. People aren’t afraid for their lives out there- they’re afraid of losing their feasible car insurance payments! You do not even need to be a regular moving violator to have your insurance rates go right through the sunroof. All you need is to get into an accident or two, maybe a few fender benders. It doesn’t even need to be your fault. If your insurance provider decides that you’re a high-risk driver, they will raise your rates. Remember, it’s in the insurance company’s interest to find a reason to raise your rates. You don’t need to really be an at-risk driver, you only need to give them a reason to say they think you might be. It’s a game, and the points are measured in your wallet.

If you’ve got too many points on your license, any at all really, you’re at risk of having your insurance rates run sky high. Fortunately, you’ve got one card in your hand left to play that they can’t sucker you out of- and that’s your local driving school. Taking a defensive driving course can lower your driving points. Traffic laws do change too, from time to time- so taking a defensive driving course is a good way to ensure you don’t run afoul of a new traffic law through ignorance.

Some defensive driving courses are very inexpensive, and a good New York online defensive driving course can be an ace up your sleeve when the whole city seems to be trying to stick you with a raw deal.

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