How To Install The Car Roof Racks With Ease

car roof racksThere are so many different situations when the storage that you have in your car is not enough. This is where the car roof racks step in to offer something extra. It will help you to carry a lot of extra luggage but some problems can appear when you try to install the new system. We cannot deny the advantages of using car roof racks but you will want to be sure everything is properly installed. You basically want to be sure the car roof rack will be properly installed and that the car will not be damaged in the process. The worst thing that can happen is to end up with the car roof rack not being strapped properly and all the items will end up on the road. In order to avoid this, remember the following simple tips.

Wash The Car Before You Install The Car Roof Rack

When you have a car that is covered with road salt, bugs, tar, dust or any other thing, washing the car is a necessity before you install he roof rack. Be sure that you do not use soap or washing detergent. This is bad for the wax as it can be removed. The car paint can end up with some pretty ugly swirl marks.

Be sure you use 2 buckets when you wash the car. One should always have clean water and the other one is for the soapy water you will use. At the same time, be sure you will clean car parts one at a time. If you make a large area wet, you can be faced with some problems.

After the car is washed, be sure it will dry completely before you do anything else. That will make the car look clean and the evaporated water will not leave water spots or deposits. Since you did this, you may want to also wax and buff. You can end up protecting the car from the harmful elements when you do this. The roof of your car should have a really good wax coating before you will install the rack.

Mounting The Roof Rack

At first glance this is going to be really simple. All that you really have to do is to follow the indications of the manufacturer. If you cannot find the indications, just go online and look for some tips. The rack should always be properly positioned. You just need to leave small space free between car roofs and car racks.

Vinyl Additions

After you install the car roof rack, you can have some moisture, salt and dust particles being trapped. Car owners generally complain about damage that appears because of this. You can so easily prevent the situation from happening by adding vinyl strips between the base bar feet and the car roof. Waxing only makes this a lot easier since it can be protected even more with the addition of the vinyl. Also, in the future you will find it as being really simple to peel off the vinyl strip.

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