Great Tips for Traveling With Your Bicycle

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Whether you’re getting prepared for a nationwide road trip or a weekend out in the country at your favorite cottage, you’ll find the planning process to be fun and exciting. You’ll also find that you have lots to do to prepare for your trip, including making sure that you don’t leave anything behind, even the big items as that does sometimes happen to some of us. If you’re planning a trip with your bicycle in tow, you’ll find that traveling with one has never been easier due to some great new products on the road. Below, we’ll take a look into the world of roof racks and how you’ll want one for your bicycle adventure.

Finding the right roof rack for your bicycle

As there are a few choices on the market today, you may find yourself wondering which roof rack style is the best fit for you. In order to figure this out, it’s best to first understand the different options that you have available. First off, there are some roof racks that are made out of plastic while others are metal based. On top of that, you’ll also find that some bolt into the top of your vehicle while others are more of a tie around type. These do differ a bit, so it’s important to figure out what type of trip you’re planning to go on and how strong of a roof rack you need. Another thing to keep in mind is that some racks are designed to carry only bicycles while others are designed with lots of items in mind.

Making sure you’ve got extras

This is especially important if you’ve kids in tow. This is because sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. Little extras that make a big difference are extra bike tires, water bottles and food packs like those little kid sized snack packs. Having these items, plus an extra helmet or two if you have room in our car can make a big difference during your trip.

Don’t forget your protective gear

If you plan on doing any sort of off road biking or even if you have little kids in tow, make sure to bring all of the necessary safety equippement that you think you will need. This includes protection pads like elbow pads and knee pads. You may also want to bring a few pairs of thick jeans as well. Believe it or not, jeans provide a great amount of protection from deep wounds and rashes. Some places also say that by law you have to wear a helmet, so make sure to keep this in mind as well. With all this said, you’ll also want to pack an emergency kit just in case. This should include bandages and any other first aid products you would use in the area you’re traveling to.

Now that you know how to best prepare for your next travel adventure with your bicycle in tow, you should find yourself all ready to go. Just remember to double check that you’ve followed all the instructions when mounting your bicycle to the roof rack on the top of your vehicle. The last thing you want to see is it traveling down the road without you.

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