Good Excuses to Give to a Police Officer

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As you can probably imagine, police officers hear some of the most outrageous explanations from speeding drivers trying to get out of a traffic ticket. Some of these explanations are outrageous yet legitimate, while others are simply just ridiculous. While you may have been taught from a young age to not make any excuses for your mistakes, here are a few excuses for speeding and other traffic violations that are actually legitimate.

Family Emergency

If you’re speeding due to a family emergency and you get pulled over by a police officer, you can reasonably expect to get some leeway as long as you’re completely honest. A man was driving home to Austin after dealing with an out-of-state family emergency in West Plains, MO. The driver was pulled over for speeding at around 90 miles per hour. The police officer asks the driver why he was speeding, to which the man honestly responds that he was anxious to return home from a family emergency to ensure his dogs haven’t run out of food and water while he was away. Instead of giving the man a ticket, the police officer simply lets him off with a warning.

Working Long Shifts

While you may not get the same amount of sympathy that a family emergency would invoke, working long shifts can also be a legitimate excuse for speeding. If you’re too tired, it’s difficult to focus on the road while making sure you’re not speeding. One man was pulled over for going over the 35 mph speed limit at 2 a.m. in the morning. The police officer asked the man whether he knew how fast he was driving. To this, the driver responded that he had been forced to work two long shifts in a row. As a result, he was too tired to focus on both the dark road and speedometer, so he opted to focus solely on the road. The police officer simply smiled and let him go without a ticket.

Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel

If you get pulled over for swerving on the road, an excuse that a police officer may see as legitimate is that you were falling asleep behind the wheel. One man was pulled over on the highway for swerving in and out of the lane. A police officer pulled the man over, suspecting that he was drunk. In truth, however, the driver had been driving since morning to return home from hundreds of miles away. As a result, he was falling asleep at the wheel. Instead of becoming defensive, the driver thanked the police officer profusely for possibly saving his life. He then asked him for the location of the nearest rest area. The police officer answered promptly and let the driver off with just a warning. At the rest stop, the driver managed to get some rest and he returned home safely.

Figuring Out a Rental Car

If you get pulled over for speeding and you’re driving a rental car, an excuse you may be able to give is that you just got the rental car and you’re still trying to figure out how to drive it. Of course, for this excuse to work, you will need to have paperwork proving that the car you’re driving is indeed a rental car. Also, you can’t be driving way over the speed limit for this excuse to work. If you were pulled over for driving 50 miles over the speed limit, don’t expect to be let off with a warning simply because you’re driving a rental car.

Based on these excuses, you’ve probably concluded that’s it’s always best to be honest with police officers. However, in some cases, even the best honest excuse won’t work and you’ll still get a ticket. Fortunately, you can attend a traffic school or take a defensive drivingcourse if you’ve received a traffic ticket. By taking a course, you may be able to have the citation dismissed from your driving record. Even if you haven’t received a traffic citation, you can still benefit from traffic school. If you take a course voluntarily, your car insurance company may decide to reward you by giving you a discount on your

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