Freight Shipping Transportation Options for Your Car

Freight Shipping Transportation Options

Transporting something important across the country like a new or used car can be a nerve-racking experience, especially when you have to trust your cargo with a third party. If you have been worried about transportation of your shipment, whatever it may be, a great way to put your mind at ease, besides choosing a good freight shipping company, is to gather as much information as you need. Part of this information includes understanding exactly what your rights are as far as transportation of your shipment is concerned.

For starters, you are entitled to reasonable dispatch service. That is, your freight shipping company must transport your new or used car in a timely manner. Your freight shipping company must stick to the dates and periods specified in the order for service, and if they are unable to they must notify you of the same. Notifications can be done via email, overnight courier or even in person.

Once the freight shipping company notifies you of the expected delay, there needs to be a written record of the same, and a list of the amended dates must be made. All these documents must be filed by the freight shipping company, such that if you request for the same, the freight shipping company is able to supply you with the copies you need. It is important to keep in mind that delays or extensions of delivery periods do not absolve the freight shipping company from any liabilities that may come about as a result of the delay.

It is also important to note that you can request a freight shipping company to change the date of delivery, but this will only be agreed to if it is reasonable and does not interfere with another customer’s move. However, if the freight shipping company deems your request unreasonable, they have the right to keep your shipment in storage at your expense. While many people may choose to call a shipping company directly, you can actually compare freight quotes from dozens of top-rated freight shipping companies online from the comfort of your home or office., for example, offers a freight broker service for businesses of all sizes and instant 24/7 access to LTL freight quotes from top North American carriers.

An inconvenience or delay claim is what you file if your freight shipping company’s delays to pick or deliver your shipment causes you unexpected expenses. It is always important to ask your freight shipping company what its policy is as far as delays are concerned. While you may want to believe that transportation of your shipment will go smoothly, it is always better to be prepared for the unexpected.

What happens when your freight shipping company arrives at the intended destination (your new address) too early and you are not in a position to pick up your shipment? In such a case, it falls upon the freight shipping company to put your shipment in storage, at their expense. When this happens, the freight shipping company should notify you of this development, and supply you with information on the name and address of the warehouse holding your goods.

Sometimes you may require your freight shipping company to store your new or used car in transit. In such an event, the freight shipping company must clearly tell you, in writing, when the storage-in-transit will convert to permanent storage, and about the 9-month period after the date of conversion to permanent storage, during which you are allowed to file claims against your freight shipping company for damages incurred. The freight shipping company will also tell you that their liability has ended and that you goods are now subject to the rules and regulations of the warehouseman.

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