Ford becomes fashionable

Firstly, the similarities between the automotive and fashion may not be obvious; however, these disciplines share a fundamental feature: both are synonymous with innovation. With this in mind, Ford of Mexico announced a partnership with the National Purchase online platform to boost the Mexican fashion talent through a competition for which they have called for designers and students from throughout the Republic.


Objective behind “Go further with Ford and CMN” is to renew the uniform of staff Customer Service department of the assembly; however the challenge is not easy. Participants have implemented their ingenuity and creativity to present original design proposals that convey the essence of Ford.

After entering their previous projects last September 30, the Committee selected Judges for Ford and Buy National Fashion, is choosing the winning design, same as once selected winner will be produced and used by employees of Customer Service Ford around Mexico. The jury is composed of Gianfranco Reni (fashion designer), Rosangela, War (Manager of Product Strategy and Marketing Ford of Mexico), Brenda Diaz de la Vega (editor of Harper’s Bazaar Mexico ) Maximiliano Villegas (driver Style DF ) and Elizabeth Mckelvey (Global Marketing Manager Ford), among others.

Buy Fashion National emerged in 2011 following the Juanchi Torre passion for design and Mexican fashion. Then CMN became the first online fashion store that offers contemporary quality products and national origin. Currently, Buy Fashion National supports the talents of more than 40 Mexican designers whose creations sold in most of the states of Mexico.

Meanwhile, over 111 years Ford Motor Company has distinguished itself as a pioneer in the assembly and automotive design. In 1925 he became the first automaker with a presence in Mexico, a country that currently has 3 manufacturing plants and motor vehicles.

“Quality and innovation are part of the DNA of Ford. In each of the vehicles we manufacture incorporate these aspects and so we seek to design this uniform. We are confident that the proposals of the participants will make us the election process very difficult as the Mexican design highlights to meet these requirements, “Rosangela Guerra, manager of Marketing and Product Strategy Area Customer Service and Parts Mexico Ford said.

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