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There’s no denying that buying a brand new car can be an excellent move – not only will you be able to choose the exact specification and tailor the vehicle towards your exact specifications, you won’t have to worry about MOT testing for three years and you’ll feel content in the knowledge that you’re the very first owner of the car. However, vast savings can be made without real compromise if you buy the right second-hand car. Choose wisely and you could have many years of top driving ahead of you before you sign on the dotted line. Help is at hand if you’re looking for quality new and used cars in Inverness.

Make your money go further

Maybe you’ve decided to opt for a second-hand car? Before you go full steam ahead and confirm a purchase, there are important steps to take. You’ll need to examine the documents associated with the car carefully and make sure it has been maintained properly over the years. It should have been serviced on at least an annual basis. Is it more than three years old? If so, it should have been undergoing annual MOT testing since its third birthday.

Ask all the questions you need to

If you have important questions to ask, fire away. The more you can find out about the car and its history, the better. You may even wish to run a car history check. These checks are cheap and quick. They tell you whether cars have ever been damaged in crashes, whether there is finance outstanding on them and whether they have ever been reported stolen. Don’t forget to go for a test drive. View the car in dry and light conditions so you can make a quality check for any faults not pointed out to you.

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