DriveID and Blocking Cell Usage While Driving

Everyone knows how hard it is to ignore a ringing and dinging cellphone in the cup holder or passenger seat. What if you could disable your cell phone while driving to keep both you and other drivers safe? Now you can, DriveID is the industry’s first and only platform that allows the car to identify drivers and apply a specific safety policy to their profile.


The technology works quite simply, though it may seem quite complicated. DriveID is installed in the car on the dash so that it can access all devices that are in the car. DriveID generally works in conjunction with Cellcontrol, a device that disables phones when the car is in motion. Cellcontrol is installed just below the steering column so that it can detect when the car is in motion and accurately disable cellular devices. When the car is stopped, cell phones work fine but when the car is in motion a signal is sent out that displays a block screen on the phone to keep drivers from using it while Cellcontrol is installed and the car is in motion.

DriverID now allows Cellcontrol to identify who is driving and put specific safety parameters on the phone. DriveID can stop the device from working while the car is in motion. The device can detect which phones are present in the car and effectively block usage depending on the setting that is chosen. Not only can you stop drivers from using their devices while the car is in motion, you can also block passenger usage as well.

DriveID can detect and block cellphones when the car is in motion, even as slow as one mile an hour. The technology is a non-pairing Bluetooth enabled technology that can help save the life of your teen or yourself when you are driving. The technology works by sending out signals from the windshield mounted unit. The driver must download the Cellcontrol app on their phone in order for it to work but when they have it downloaded, it can detect the signals that are being sent out then effectively stop the phone that is running the app from being used while driving.

This is a fairly new technology that is still patent pending but that can help save drivers. The technology is non-invasive which means that it will not collect data on your device, it does not require any alterations or additions to the phone save for the app, and it can be removed at any time without damage to the car or to the device. This is also a highly mobile device so it can be moved from one car to another as needed.

For new drivers or young drivers that tend to get distracted easily, this could be a life changing technology. Most drivers tend to leave their phones alone while driving but everyone has gotten a text here or there that they glance at while driving. Though your eyes may leave the road for a second, that is all that it takes to cause an accident that could kill you or the other driver. With a technology that can block cell signals and keep drivers from using their phones, there is now a much easier way to protect drivers from all sides.

There is something left to be desired in this technology however as it is elective. If your teen does not run the app while driving, the device will not be able to pair with the device to keep it from working. Also, if the device is not properly configured or installed it may not work either. Similarly, if someone else in the car passes the driver their phone that is not paired with the device it will not block the phone.

Though this type of technology is highly beneficial, a defensive driving course can also teach you proper driving techniques. Beyond making you a safer driver, other benefits of completing a defensive driving course may include elimination of point on your driving record after you receive a traffic violation, it could help you minimize the affect of a ticket on your auto insurance rates, you may even qualify for certain auto insurance discounts after completing the course!

Remember, you may not be distracted by your phone with this technology, but without proper skills you are still not totally safe.

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