Dear Kings: I demand my Scorpion P6


I demand my Scorpion P6. I’ve been a good boy well, what a child I do not think so and I, and that, should not I be the one to say it, but if strained, cuela- and while this thing is irrational, or openly precisely that-I attracts a bad thing. Yes, I know that he could travel only open to traffic on US roads, but look: this would have an excuse to go back there.

It is curious that to me, I always like to go cerradito when I drive, I call attention to a Threewheeler that has no doors or roof. But, as they say boys Scorpion Motorsports P6 is a vehicle designed primarily to have fun, not to take grandma to market. Of course, since so many years ago that I have grandmothers …


Monta an engine Kawasaki ZX6R 600cc, 126 BHP (about 128 hp at the engine output) and 58 Nm for just 331 kg unladen mass, and carries a sequential transmission six relationships that reaches 0-100 in 3.5 seconds. Well, actually the 0-60 mph, but more or less walk around the thing. Step of calculating the difference. When you traigáis me I will not fault.


I already have a place to store it. In fact, only measures 3.50 m long and 1.70 m wide and 1.07 m not reach high. That is, in any corner it fits me. The body is made of fiberglass GRP, but if you try a bit and you bring me with optional carbon fiber, I’m not mad or anything.

From inside I keep Momo steering wheel with its very direct steering Woodward (one turn from lock to lock), with its simple dashboard AiM MyChron3 and Tilton pedals. And the dynamic part I will try molar their four-piston Wilwood brakes on 298 mm discs. To see how far they go, I will put my new Scorpion P6 to 241 km / h, which is what gives him, and then … to break my neck!

Just kidding, Your Spell & Very Royal Majesties. You know I’m a good kid and stuff I do not do, so if my way home pass by Miami (Florida), where are these people , I appreciate very much that you make a stop along the way and I tried my Scorpion P6 . The color is not important: one of them is going well. Thanks for everything! On January 6 I await.

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