The new Corsa already has 30,000 orders before going to market

Opel has announced the pricing model manufactured in Figueruelas. The first deliveries will take place in January 2015.


The Corsa has not yet reached the market, but the company now calls it “success”. Opel has announced that more than 30,000 customers in Europe have already decided on the new model, although dealers have recently begun accepting orders for the fifth-generation small car from Opel, which is manufactured in Figueruelas, with sales in most most European countries have not commence early next year.

“The new Corsa is having an excellent release, even though customers have not yet been able to see in the exhibitions of the dealers, not been able to prove it, we are receiving many orders,” Enrico De Lorenzi, commercial CEO stated Opel Spain.

The model is “a very important part of our offense that will get us to increase our market share significantly in the coming years,” he added.

The Corsa celebrated its world premiere at the International Paris Motor Show. In Spain you can already apply Corsa since early this November, with an entry price of € 13,540 (Corsa 3-door 1.4 Expression 75 hp with taxes). For only 525 euros (€ 14,065), will be available five-door family oriented (Corsa 5-door 1.4 Expression 75 hp).

The Corsa is currently the fourth model in sales in the segment of small cars in Western Europe. In Spain, ranks second in its segment, with a share of 11.5%. In the period from January to October 2014, has sold a total of 20,875 units, representing a + 17.5% over the same period last year.

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