Concept Lexux LF C2

In the Hall of Los Angeles

The next Hall of Los Angeles is as it was just around the corner. From 18 to 30 November, the Californian city is the epicenter of engine information, but until that happens, we enter the typical prior week in the which marks with some surprise in store for the event and begin to offer small advances in the form of teaser.

Concept Lexux LF C2

Concept Lexux LF C2

Lexus is one of her, and through her ​​Twitter has made ​​known to us through a beautiful photograph the Lexus LF-C2 Concept, or what the Japanese firm has come to be defined as “exciting cabrio – concept “

As usual in these cases, even that’s all we know, so it’s up be sliced ​​a little brains to try to find out more about this future Lexus until we will be officially presented on 19 November.

It seems, we must assume that the basis of which departs this future convertible will be nothing more and nothing less than the Lexus RC, but for now it’s just a guess. But if true, we face a model loaded luxury, especially horses. Do not forget that the RC Lexus part of a mechanical hybrid offering 220 hp and continues with two petrol variants; 3.6 V6 with 318 hp and 468 hp 5.0 V8 RC F.

Obviously, knowing what or what will be the chosen mechanical quite an illusion, but to think that Lexus can offer in its catalog a whole cabrio with heart V8 and 468 hp and puts one goosebumps.

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