Checklist for Becoming a Truck Driver

Truck driving is an exciting career where you get to haul loads around the country and enjoy the open road. Becoming a for-hire trucker doesn’t happen overnight, though. You have already traveled down the pathway to obtain your CDL, which is a process on its own. You had to study the rules of the road, obtain your learner’s permit, practice, and pass your commercial driving test. Now that you have your license in hand, you have a few more steps to complete before getting hired.

In order to start your career, you’ve got to take care of some administrative details so that you’ll be ready to roll. When you run your own business as a truck driver, you have to complete paperwork and forms for the IRS and other governmental agencies. You also have to purchase your truck, which is step one. There are several considerations before you buy your vehicle, such as comfort, horsepower, axle configuration, gross vehicle weight, and engine. Your decision on what you plan to haul will impact your truck-buying decision. Next, you’re going to need insurance, an EIN, a DOT number, IRP registration, an IFTA permit, and you’ll need to enroll in UCR. Depending on the states you plan to drive through, you may need additional permits, as well.

Although it may seem overwhelming to get yourself set up as a for-hire trucker, you are almost there. For more details on the steps you need to take, check out this infographic.



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