Cars vs Motorcycles – Which One is the Best for You?

Are you sick of using public transport to get to work? If so you might be considering investing in a car or motorcycle. Or, if you don’t yet have a drivers’ license, perhaps you are wondering which way to go. So is a car or a motorcycle a better bet? Let’s find out!

The Advantages of Car Ownership

There are many advantages to owning a car. Millions of people own and run cars; in fact some even have more than one. Cars are great for getting from A to B. They are perfect for shopping trips (lots of room to carry shopping bags), going on holiday, and transporting kids around. Most families own cars because it would be very difficult to be a parent without one unless you live in a city with an excellent (and inexpensive) public transport system.

Cars are also useful for getting to work: you don’t have to worry about getting to work late because of public transport problems and you can arrive clean and tidy – and warm if the weather is cold.

The Disadvantages

Car ownership can be expensive. Newer cars cost a lot to buy and unless you are blessed with tons of cash, you will have to borrow the money to pay for your new car. Cars also depreciate in value, which is a tough pill to swallow when you buy a brand new car and realize it is worth 40% less the moment you drive it away.

The running costs of car ownership are higher than if you own a motorcycle. Fuel costs more because you need more of it and maintenance costs can be greater because there are a lot more parts to break.

The Advantages of Motorcycle Ownership

Motorcycles offer a fast way of getting from A to B. If you drive a car, you can expect to be stuck in queuing traffic during peak travel times. Motorcycles can zoom past stationery traffic with the greatest of ease, which is perfect if you are in a rush.

Motorcycles are also cheaper to run than cars. They are cheaper to buy, they use less fuel and cost less to maintain. They are also a lot more fun to ride, so for thrill junkies, a motorcycle is always going to be a better choice than a car.

The Disadvantages

Riding a motorcycle is never much fun when it’s cold, wet and miserable outdoors. You can buy top-quality waterproof protective jackets from websites such as Moto Chanic, but these will only go so far to keep you warm and dry.

Motorcycles are no good if you need to take your kids out. You can’t squeeze three kids on the back of a motorcycle and a baby seat won’t fit no matter how hard you try. So for families with children, a motorcycle is not going to work.

If you’re still not sure which one is right for you, try them both and see which one you prefer. You might even decide to buy one of each!

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