Buying certified used cars

used carFor a car to get certified it has to undergo safety inspection and have extensive performance. Certification is normally done by a manufacturer. This one makes sure that the car gets the attention it deserves. If there is any problem that is detected, it’s repaired. Through this, the used cars are made to have high operational standards, just as new ones.

Another good thing that results after certification is that the car undergoes a checkup that is comprehensive despite the fact that it’s a used one and has devalued. A second hand car may depreciate very fast once it has been used and this makes its price to go down slowly every year. The two year initial depreciation is quite big and this happens to be an advantage to those who want to buy used cars. The steepest depreciation for every vehicle happens after two years. Once this is over, gradual depreciation takes place. Those who want to buy used cars can take advantage of price difference of the pre owned vehicles. The differences in price that come after depreciation of two years is quite enormous and can help one save lot.

Another advantage that results from this certification program is that manufacturers accept those vehicles that do not exceed five years from manufacturing date or those that do not exceed a mileage of 75,000. They also ensure that before they take the car, they should be assured that it has not gone through a fatal mishap, which will require engine or body work repairs. There are instances whereby refurbishing a car may be quite expensive; and in such cases, it’s written off. Those who buy cars that are certified are guaranteed that the kind they will get will be serviceable, and hence be able to give them good service.
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