Building Your Collectible Hockey Puck Collection

hockey puck

Fans have always felt a strong bond or connection to their favorite sports teams. No matter what the season, there are sure to be rabid fans cheering on the home team. With a rise in the popularity of hockey, we have seen a rise in the popularity of NHL collectibles. No matter if you are new to collecting hockey memorabilia or if this is not your first time around the rink, the following tips will help you grow your hockey memorabilia collection into a true force to be reckoned with.

This first thing many collectors get introduced to are NHL collectible hockey pucks. These are great items for new and old collectors since they can be purchased for more reasonable prices and have a good chance for increased value in the future. There are many ways you can find these collectible hockey pucks. It may be as simple as going to a game and being lucky, which is truly the most thrilling way of attaining any sports collectible. Other ways include going to sports conventions, local shops, auction sites, and online dealers.

If you want to ensure your collectible NHL puck has the best chance of value increase, then be sure to slap an autograph on it. You can easily find autographed collectibles online, but in many cases you will be paying a premium for them. Instead, wait around before and after games to catch a glimpse of your favorite player and ask for an autograph. You can also find some hockey stars at conventions and hobby shows that are willing to sign items for a price. This price is generally lower than you would pay for the autographed item normally, but it can still add up if you have several pucks.

Now that you have an awesome puck autographed from your favorite player, how can you make sure it stays in pristine condition? There are some steps you can take to ensure your puck stays looking great and can be displayed proudly for the world to see. The most important thing you will want is a protective case with UV protection to keep logos and such from fading. Some online retailers like Collectible Supplies will sell pucks already encased for protection. If your puck does not come in a display case, be sure to dust the pucks before placing them in your case.


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