Brand new CUVs and SUVs – invulnerable choices for 2016

CUVs and SUVs

Things are looking pretty great in the auto business, and it looks that we’re about to see some pretty cool cars next years. Sales will most likely remain stable, although it does matter what type, brand and model of car you’re looking to buy. As long as interest rates and gas prices don’t increase, the market will wow us with some pretty cool SUVs and CUVs in 2016. The auto market is vast, and yes, making a choice is challenging. And yet if you know what you want and need, but can’t decide on a model, the following options should help you make a decision.

Nissan Juke

Starting from an average price of $21,000, the latest Nissan Juke is a car model you should definitely take a closer look at. The vehicle is rather bulky, although if you want to make yourself noticed on the road, this might just be what you need. The Juke is powered by a 1.6 liter turbo 4-cylinder and a 188 hp capacity. It’s not the fastest crossover, but it does pack some pretty cool features. All-wheel drive is optional, and sadly the only transmission available is the CVT. This sort of takes out the simple pleasure of driving a car; on the bright side, we love the informative and light steering, which is extremely easy to fling.



The BMW X1 looks more like a taller hatchback rather than a SUV. However, there’s a lot of appeal this vehicle. It features a sportier suspension, a spirited engine and exact steering. The X1 prides with a room interior that’s sleek and modern. As far as technicals are concerned, the vehicle packs a 2-liter turbo engine with 4 cylinders. In terms of speed, the X1’s maximum power is 228 hp. There’s an 8-speed automatic and an all-wheel drive feature. In spite of the fact that it’s not as catchy as its previous model, we love inside architecture of it. BMW fans will certainly appreciate the well-executed dashboard and easy to reach controls.

Porsche Macan

The latest Porsche Macan looks more like a Cayenne in a smaller size. It’s an interesting crossover with an appealing architecture. Similar to the Audi Q5, this beauty is faster and more compact. It comes equipped with a 3-liter V-6 twin-turbo engine and it reaches 340 hp. Also, it has a 7-speed transmission and all-wheel drive capabilities. Now it’s quite obvious that we’re talking about a Porsche car due to the soft brake pedal and numb steering; although these capabilities will only be noticed if you’re a Porsche fan.

Mini Cooper Countryman S/JCW

As far as smaller crossover vehicles are concerned, we cannot ignore this year’s Mini Cooper Countryman. Packed with 4 doors and available in two different models – S and JWC – the Countryman is incredibly functional. Its technicals are quite astounding. Here’s what we can find under the hood – a 4-cylinder turbo engine, available in both models; 181 hp in the S and 208 hp in the JWC. There’s also a 6-speed manual transmission as well as a paddle-shifted 6-speed automatic. What we love most about this car is the interior – the ergonomics inside the Countryman are just astounding.

Porsche Cayenne

The pioneering Porsche Cayenne is a beautiful luxury SUV that will exceed all your expectations. It is a balanced mix of off-road ability, luxury and sports-car performance. The base model of the Cayenne comes with 300 hp and a V-6 engine. The S variant can go up to 420 hp and the GTS reaches an astounding 440 hp. There’s also a hybrid version of the Cayenne in case you’d like to go eco-friendly on your driving. We love the dynamic properties of this SUV, and it’s certainly appreciative that in spite of the hybridization, Porsche hasn’t compromised on speed. The pedals feel really good, and as far as the interior is concerned, drivers will sense the comfort from the moment they hop into the car.

Are you searching for the best SUV but you have no idea what to buy? The market is packed with all kinds of interesting models. Before making any rushed decisions, check out the options we’ve presented above and you will be surprised with what might find.

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