Auto Transport: Before You Ship Your Auto 101


The auto transport business today is exploding beyond whatever was imagined just 30 years ago. Vehicle shipping companies have especially grown exponentially with the inception of the Internet–and there’s no sign of abating. Have a look below to see what a truly five-star rated company should offer their customers–as minimum.


Being truthful and honest up front is one commodity that is scarce in many industries, even in auto transportation. Things change and events happen, but brokers of integrity will tell you up front what you can expect, all things being equal.

There will be no second guessing with their customers and should circumstances change, like the weather, or even a rare carrier breakdown en route to their destination, customers will be the first to know as to why the particular changes were necessary.

In such companies, communications and transparency are upheld to the highest industry standards. Never deal with a company when your inside “knower” is saying, “there’s something wrong,” or you are being pushed into something you’d rather not get into.


There are many “fly-by-night” companies out there and the Internet can be a jungle at times. However, an established company of reputation and distinction is one that forms part of the Auto Transport Reviews network, many times carries insurance typically up to $1,000,000 and is licensed and bonded as well.

Known by their peers in the industry, a company belonging to vast carrier networks is also known as a member of Central Dispatch, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation among other agencies and regulators.

The Process: Three Easy Steps

Using simple to use online interactive forms or simply calling specially trained brokers will get you moving in the right direction for information, a free quote or setting up a pickup or delivery of customer vehicles.

The information you’ll be entering online includes the vehicle year, make and model. Likewise, its present condition is also vitally important. The city, state and zip code number of either a pickup or delivery is a must–and that’s it!

Whatever Customers Want Or Need

Whether it is an open transport, enclosed transport, inoperable transport, classic collectible or exotic cars, stellar auto transport companies can handle them all– when, how and to where the customers need their vehicles transported.

Who are the customers? They may include military personnel, students, private car dealerships and just about anyone that owns a car.

Now that you know what makes a really superior auto transport company, you can make the right decision choosing from many online companies, such as Fast Motion Auto Transport.

If a company is truly professional, your auto is their focus; moreover, your satisfaction is there’s. Personalized, dependable service to their customers is their business, and they are really good at it too!

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