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Surely many of you still have in your retinas the shocking images posted on the web known X-tomi Desing where we could see how it would be some of the most successful sports today if you were to apply the philosophy of basic car introduced by Dacia.

Evidently thinking patterns that may exist in our market and in the future is more difficult to see the fantastic car passing the MOT. However, on this website they showed a less extravagant idea of a possible basic version of the new Skoda Fabia . a not far-fetched idea Or do you? Let’s try to find out.

Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia

The imminent arrival of the third generation of the Skoda Fabia involves the renovation of one of the most successful and comprehensive models in its class. Together with his cousin Seat Ibiza, both vehicles have been in the sector a role in what ratio Value refers. But within this healthy competition between relatives, the new generation Fabia comes to tip the balance in their favor, so it seems that nothing can stop a future supremacy the Czech model in the compact segment.

However, the new Skoda Fabia will meet an unexpected tough competitor, the Dacia Sandero. Admittedly, the current generation of the Sandero is really like an option for those looking for an economy car, and the price remains the main claim against its competitors, so if you look downwards, the Sandero covers a part of the market where the Fabia does not compete.

Although not yet know the final price of the new Fabia, is not expected to derive much of which has the current generation; ie it will start from 11,000 euros (discounts and outside). If compared with the starting price of 8,400 euros Sandero (also excluding discounts and promotions) we see there is a range of 2,600 euros that can satisfy the Sandero and Fabia no. Should not you do something about it if Skoda wants to avoid a churn for Dacia?

If we look at price criteria, clearly yes, but the issue is more complicated And to understand this, the first thing to do is to compare the most basic versions of both models.

Skoda Fabia Interior

Skoda Fabia Interior

The Dacia Sandero Base is only available with a mechanical 1.2 petrol variant that pays 75 horses, and the main drawback is that in order to conform with this version we ignore basic elements in a vehicle today as air conditioning (424 euros) or radio with Bluetooth (206 euros) Translating, unless you’re a somewhat rat entrepreneur when buying company cars for your employees, if you want a car with any decency, you will have to choose the next step equipment, Ambiance, which price of 9,200 euros, but that is only available to mechanics offer 75 horses either petrol or diesel.

Meanwhile, the Skoda Fabia starts from a more advanced position of the starting line, and it shows.Although the price is higher, the level of standard equipment is more complete than the Sandero,since the system will provide standard hill start and stall warning system tire pressure, among others.Now if the new generation continues the trend of today, the access version is available with a 1.0 engine tricilíndrica modest 60 horses only.

That is, that the Fabia can tell what you pay for. There is also a fact that becomes crucial to affirm that Skoda is not interested in having a basic version of the Fabia, which is that of all Sandero that have sold, most are equipped with Laureate finish, the highest Range, whose prices move between 10,500 and 11,500 euros, depending engines. So if we see it from this perspective, the Fabia has a great advantage over the Sandero, which is that part from a starting position as for the Dacia proves the finish line, so it can offer customers seeking more what the Romanian model can not.

But beware, in spite of this the Dacia continues to play an important asset in their favor, is that prices are equal, the fitted models Sandero is available with motors up to 90 hp, while in order to enjoy models similar mechanical performance to price Fabia depart from approximately 13,600 euros. As we see, even if they seem to play in different divisions, the competition between the two models will be hellish.

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