Are we ready for autonomous cars?


Remember when mankind believed the world would end in 2000? It’s been 15 years since that day when we turned the calendar and here we, like always but a little older. Yes, everyone. And spent a thousand years writing a  1 at a time and did not know what to do when he got the 2 last century we used both live-and enjoy-driving cars, now the autonomous car causes us rashes.

Lots of engineers from different manufacturers are already locked in laboratories developing technologies that are able to take a person from point A to point B without having to touch the steering wheel. SEAT , for example, says that the car of the future will avoid by Full accidents, Volvo also seeks to leverage this technology to reduce fuel consumption, Mercedes wants to add distinction and reduce stress. Nissan and Audi also featured on the show.

But as Miguel Bosé says, not everything is all roses and thorns. We must learn to see everything bad that has good and everything good is bad, because like it or not, the car you drive just come sooner or later, and the sooner we bury fear of the future and resistance to However, over time we have to consider how we will live the most passionate drivers with autonomous cars and what are the possible failures that might present.

Tackle wheels do not know loyalty

Over time it has decreased the error of new technologies, but still are far from foolproof. Who put this question is because he has never been to a printer that seems smell fear when we print a report or task in the last minute.


The good news is that autonomous cars are not printers; the bad news is that if they fail, the consequences are much more serious than just a fight in the gigs or at school. Lives are at stake, and to not be one hundred percent sure that these technologies work, neither manufacturers nor consumers will be quiet. Already said Erik Coelingh, a specialist Volvo: “Making this complex system is99% accurate is not enough. You need to be much closer to 100% before allowing autonomous cars coexist with other drivers in real traffic conditions “.

It is there where the autonomous car hits the nest. Speaking of real traffic conditions Whenever the human factor is present there will be potential for error , so the autonomous cars still live under specific laboratory conditions or circuit, and those who have already gone to the Real World ™ does not circulate in any road for thereby passing pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists who go through life without sensors and radars or those weird things that brought the new millennium.

It is science, not magic

Then, under such circumstances the driver must take the wheel and move only attended by the collision warning, blind spot warning function, involuntary lane departure and other driving assists, but become useless, we three paces away doom. But they do not all or assists or autonomous cars.

There is still a huge hole from which no manufacturer has spoken, and is maintenance. The electronics will make every effort to ensure the autonomous car does not hit or exceed speed limits, but the human factor becomes a fuss if it is not given proper maintenance to the car, because it is a very autonomous vehicle is not able deciding to change tires or oil, or not sure that all fluids are in the right amounts and conditions. And yes, it’s 2015 and there are still drivers who are performing services of their cars; happens and will continue to happen.

And speaking of empty, we arrived at legal section. What if the 1% margin of error causes the death of a pedestrian? Do we blame the manufacturer for selling a dangerous product or the driver blindly trusts your car could be driven alone? We have reached an era in which technology is advancing faster than the law, and if you’re not convinced, Audi ask why you can not sell your headlights Matrix in America.

The bright side has the potential fuss

In addition to reducing accidents and reduce fuel consumption, the autonomous car can become the solution for those who want to do without a car without having to take the bus. Many manufacturers are already working on cars that are able to find their own place to park and pick your own at his request, all from your mobile. Why not do the same with a car than anyone?


The philosophy of car sharing can reach a new level with these technologies. Imagine a future where mobile call from a vehicle passing by you and take you to where you want. Be cool and be cool piles, unless you are a taxi driver and see the autonomous car as a threat, because if they have to Uber bundled with this safe technology that will make even more.

And the pleasure of driving? That’s the least of the worries. Many enthusiasts have seen the autonomous car as a misfortune, because it would mean saying goodbye to the wheel, but outside dramas is a fact that this technology does not replace the other , like as not stopped talking because Whatsapp was invented. Unless some law very future decide that no human can drive and then sports are only in museums and circuits, no need to worry.

Although it seems that we talk about the distant future, the autonomous car is just around the corner. Volvo working overtime to return marches reality in 2017, and Nissan has already promised it will have on the market before 2020. By then, hopefully all these unknowns have an answer and that laws do not close the door to this technology. The change is always evolving.

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