A new Ford GT … for Detroit?

A new Ford GT ... for Detroit

The surprise of Ford for the upcoming North American International Auto Show, held in early January, could be a super car, namely a new Ford GT , as says the publication Carscoops, although at the moment it is information that we should take with tweezers since the company has not yet confirmed.
A new Ford GT ... for Detroit

According to rumors, the new super car Ford would not stand in prototype form but now as a limited edition, about 1,200 units. The talk also point to a possible V6 Ecoboost turbocharged responsible for giving life to the Ford GT, and even talk of a power to be around 600 hp.
A new Ford GT ... for Detroit

For now just waiting to Detroit, or if we’re right, that the manufacturer himself confirmed his plans to revive the iconic super car. Dreaming is free, so why not dream? Yes, maybe no awakening has come true.

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