A Man, a Driver and a Legend

Max Mosley

Max Mosley Photograph: Sean Dempsey/PA

When he was born in 1940, nobody knew the impact Max Mosley would have on the world of racing or the world as a whole. After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in physics, Mosley decided to change gears and began to study law until be became a barrister in 1964. His ambitions quickly changed after receiving a pair of racing tickets while at University.

Instantly attracted to the sport of racing, Max began racing his own cars as soon as he was making stable enough money as a barrister. After competing in more than 40 races, Mosley decided it was time to move onto Formula Two racing. In 1968, Mosley teamed up with another racer to form the London Racing Team. By 1970, both of Mosley’s racing teammates had died in terrible racing accidents.

After some major accidents of his own, Max called it quits as a driver and helped to form a new business called March Engineering. The new venture planned on manufacturing racing cars and in 1970, March Engineering was able to enter five cars into Formula One racing. Out of those first five cars, three won major races and helped make a household name of Mosley. The Formula One racing days of March Engineering ended in 1977 when Max sold his shares to a fellow partner.

After leaving racing to work in politics in 1982, Mosley made a triumphant return to motorsport in 1986, when he became the president of the FISA Manufacturers’ Commission. Later Mosley became the FISA president and worked tirelessly to help make Formula One a safer sport.

He concentrated his safety efforts by forming the Advisory Expert Group. This group was dedicated to the research and improving of safety within motor racing. There have been many new innovations and regulations set in place to make the sport safer, including lowering the power of engines, introducing grooved tires for better road handling and other changes to improve driver safety within their vehicles.

While Mosley’s presidency lasted until 2009, he will always be known for improving the sport he loved so much and saving the lives of countless drivers. This is how a simple man became a legend and changed the world forever.

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