A Guide To The Best Record-Breaking Trucks On The Road

The truck is a very common site on our roads, both urban and rural, travelling along at a constant speed boasting familiar brands such as Stobart and Dentressangle. The familiarity of a truck is a comfort because we know what they are, what to expect, and how to react; but what happens when a truck deviates from this norm? What about the trucks who have broken from the regular hum-drum and are leaving their imprint on the trucking world?

The record-breaking lorries. The trucks that leap like a Lotus. This type of vehicle that breaks the mould. We have seen trucks used in this extraordinary manner before; for example, Evel Knievel would regularly leap buses and lorries with his trusty truck. Mike Ryan was another who would do unusual acts in a lorry when he, in 2014, broke the record for truck leaps over a Lotus F1 car landing him in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Would you like to see that? Then back up the truck! Here’s another trucker who decided to push the limits. Marco Hellgrewe, a German trucker, decided in September 2008 to break a record for reversing an HGV truck. Why? Well, why not?

After reversing, he proceeded to drive the HGV around the Bergen HGV training forces track for four hours and twenty-one minutes, IN REVERSE! You have to wonder how he avoided insanity from the sound of the truck’s reverse-gear beeping. Get an HGV Training Quote here!

In the meantime, actually, in 2004, Austrian Johann Redl drove his 7420 kilograms Steyr 891 truck to the Wels Airport where he completed an outstanding action. Once at the airport, he was able to steer the truck for over 10 miles on only two wheels. You must admit, this is particularly impressive; however, is it as impressive as the infamous James Bond pulling a truck “wheelie” while driving through fire and then proceeding to drive a tanker on one side to avoid a plethora of bazooka blasts?

I doubt it.

All aboard the trucking road train and let us head down to Australia.

Australia is a very large country with nothing but a vast emptiness in the middle. It is admittedly a lovely place, but there is not much to it irrespective of the loveliness. Taking this into account, we need to consider the types of roads heading through this middle of Australia. It can be easily assumed that they would be considerably length with no curves and large amounts of dust making the journeys rather plain from one side of the country to another. While this can be beneficial for a trucker carrying a heavy load, the barrenness of the land can impact the truck driving culture and has raised a concept of road trains.

The road train is a long, long, long track comprised of numerous trailers. The truck will travel along the empty roads in the Australian outback and deliver goods at their destination. As useful as these road trains can be, you will never want to be caught behind one on a journey. The longest trains can be over 100 trailers in length and approximately 140 wheels or more.

In Conclusion…

The Turkish Team from Antalya will mark their 30th anniversary of operation with an industrious record. The record was set as an outstanding achievement in loading/unloading cargo to their HGV trailer. A team of 15 employees as managed by the Aras group was able to set a record of 16 minutes and 38 seconds on the 19th of April, 2009.

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