5 Things to Inspect On the Golf Cart Regularly

parked golf carts.

Golf carts can experience a great deal of punishment throughout any given week. Although most of your patrons may treat these vehicles with respect, many golfers tend to race these carts through the rough as if they were in a mud rally. During use, there are several aspects that need to be inspected regularly if you want to keep the units in prime condition.

Proper Battery Maintenance

Whether your carts are electric or rely on small gas-powered motors, the battery needs to be regularly maintained for proper use. Water levels, corrosion removal and proper daily charging are all part of making sure the battery remains operational.

Battery Cables

Corrosion doesn’t just damage batteries as it can also affect the cable. Over time, this degradation of the cable can lead to compromising the copper within the plastic coating of the wire. Catching a corroded cable early can prevent greater damage later while keeping the cart operational.

Body Inspections

Over time, the smallest of cracks could lead to more severe damage on the body of a golf cart. In some cases, personal injuries have occurred due to these damages. Not only does this make your course look unprofessional, but it can also lead to lawsuits should someone hurt themselves on your vehicles.


Not being able to stop on the course can cause a great deal of property damage as well as personal injury. Golf cart brakes need to be inspected and maintained in order to keep from relying on insurance to pay for damages. The last thing you want is to have a golfer speed him or herself into the water hazard because the brakes failed.

Drive Belts

Always make sure the drive belts are in good condition and not showing signs of fraying or fatigue. As these belts wear down, an unsuspecting golfer could become stranded out on the course should this unit snap. If a belt does show signs of minor damage, it may be prudent to order a replacement before it breaks. It can help make sure the cart gets back on the course as soon as possible.

Although golf carts are not as intricate as a full-sized automobile, many of the same principles apply. The more time you spend maintaining the vehicle, the longer it will continue to operate for your patrons. Make sure your maintenance people are spending quality time with each cart and fixing problems before it breaks down somewhere on the course.


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