5 Things to Do to Your Outboard Motor After Each Use


Boating can be an incredibly entertaining pastime. Whether you’re spending the day water skiing or you’re taking the family out for a day of fishing, there are things you need to do to your motor after each outing. Although your motor may continue to work without proper maintenance, it can begin to break down over time. Properly caring for the motor can keep it operational longer with less repairs and complications during use.

Flush Out the System

Regardless if you’re taking the boat out on saltwater or in a freshwater lake, it’s always best to flush the system at home. This will remove any salt and other debris from the system as the water pump could have sucked in a great deal of things that can deter from the motor’s ability to operate correctly. It also will clean corrosive liquids that can harm components of the boat.

Check for Water and Fuel Leaks

Take the cowling off of the engine and ensure that there are no liquids moving about the compartment. Dealing with leaks immediately while on solid ground will help keep the motor running properly when you’re out on the water and away from emergency services.

Anti-corrosive Sprays

Clean all mechanical parts with anti-corrosive sprays such as WD-40. This can help prolong the life of these parts while allowing them to continue operating at top efficiency. Rust and other complications can wear down these mechanical parts reducing speed and general operation of the motor.

Fresh Fuel is Important

Boats that sit for too long without use often have fuel problems. After a period of time, these fuels begin to break down into their basic elements. This makes the content unusable and could clog various parts of the engine. It is this reason why many boat enthusiasts will attempt to use all of the fuel before loading the vessel onto the trailer.

Inspect for Damage

After each use, inspect the motor and the rest of the craft for damage. Rocks, branches and other debris can cause more damage than you realize under the waves. Fixing these problems immediately can save time when you’re ready to take the vessel out again.

When you have devices such as Mercury outboard motors on your boat, it’s always best to have a plan of proper maintenance and storage. Simply letting it sit in the backyard after each outing is not conducive to keeping it in good shape. If you want to spend less money on repairs or less frustration on the lake from a failing unit, take the time to maintain the motor.

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