5 Reasons to Consider Renting a Vacuum Truck

When you need a vacuum truck for your business, you have two main options: to rent or to buy. Several factors must be considered before you take your final decision. Is your work seasonal or do you have year-round demand? If you purchased another vacuum truck, will you be able to cope with maintenance costs and keep it functional and productive throughout the year? Before you decide to buy, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy if you rent one.

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1. Avoid All Maintenance Costs

When you rent a vacuum truck, you save yourself the time and money required to do repairs and servicing. The rental company will handle those for you. You won’t have to maintain an inventory of spare parts or bear the cost of ordering for the latest OEM-approved replacement parts for the truck. If the truck develops a fault while you are using it, the truck will be replaced with another one. You can also save the wages required to pay the truck driver even when he is not driving.

2. Use the Most Modern Vacuum Trucks

Most vacuum truck rental companies will give you access to the recently released models of reputable truck brands like VacuumXpress. So, you will be able to use state-of-the-art technology, included in each truck model offered for rent. Considering the high cost of a vacuum truck, this may be difficult to enjoy if you purchase a truck yourself. You may not even be able to replace the truck until you have paid back most of loan used to purchase it.

3. Gain Instant Access to a Truck When Needed

Most vacuum truck users only need it on a seasonal basis within a particular area or geographical region. So, if you know exactly when you will need it, you can order for it in advance. This will allow the rental company to reserve the best truck and driver for you and offer you a consistent top quality service. Also, renting a truck gives you the opportunity and flexibility to order for any size of truck that suits your needs and return it when you are through.

4. Eliminate Monthly Payments for Each Truck

If you buy a truck on a loan, you will have to keep on paying monthly truck payments for close to 5 years. You will make these payments whether you are generating income from the truck or not. In addition, you will bear the cost of insurance and other charges required by regulatory authorities. But when you rent a truck, you will only pay for the period when you are using it. This makes renting a truck a very smart and economical option for all business owners and startups that want to keep their operating costs low.

5. Save Money on Employee Wages

To run a vacuum truck owned by your company, you will need to employ and pay a minimum of two or more people. Apart from paying the cost of their monthly wages and other allowances, you will also have to pay insurance to cover occupational hazards associated with driving the vacuum truck. To save a substantial amount on your wage bill, you will be better off renting the truck from a reputable company that specializes in owning, maintaining and renting out these trucks.


Renting a vacuum truck for your business offers many benefits over buying and maintaining one. This is particularly true if you are a seasonal user or you are just starting your business. So, contact a reputable rental company today and begin to enjoy the benefits highlighted here.

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