4 Vital Safety Caravan Accessories You May Need


When you are planning your next camping holiday with your family, it is important to prepare well. Your luggage should not only include the essential things which you need for leisure and for enjoying your holidays but also subsume the vital safety caravan accessories that can help you overcome any problems or hassles which you may encounter during your trip.

Following are the four top safety caravan accessories you will need for your next holiday:

Caravan Corner Steadies

When your caravan is in parked state and is not moving, it is important to keep it stable and steady to avoid any issues. The caravan corner steadies are the best accessories which can be used for stabilizing the caravan when it is stationary. These are dissimilar to a jack and do not function the same way. The caravan corner steadies ensure that your caravan remains steady even on the soft grounds, thus, ensuring the safety of people and the stuff inside the caravan.

Reversing Cameras

Need an assistant for revering your caravan? Well, this purpose designed reversing cameras will eliminate the need for an assistant. These cameras, which get fitted to the tow vehicle of the caravan help you while you are reversing your van eliminating the need for a travel companion. These alleviate the stress associated with getting your caravan in the right position.

Weight Distribution Devices

The weight distribution devices are another set of safety caravan accessories which you may need for a perfect caravan experience. These get attached to the coupling of the caravan and help in reducing the sway considerably while improving the braking & the steering capabilities of the tow vehicles. When amalgamated with the electronic stability control, it gives the ultimate caravan safety in the sway and emergency mode.

Towing Mirrors

While the law also requires you to be able to see certain distances on either side of the caravan and behind it, it is also vital from the security’s perspective. Towing mirrors are the perfect en suite accessories that help you achieve this level of visibility with ease. These mirrors get attached the standard wing mirrors of your car and help you easily view in whichever direction you want.

Though, there are a variety of towing mirrors available in the market with different shapes and varying levels of cost and fittabilities. However, the best ones are those which come in teardrop shape owing to the ease in adjusting offered by them. These can be very easily adjusted to fit on the underside or the top of the car’s wing mirror depending the design of your car and your viewing comfort.

These were some of the vital accessories which you must buy and use while going on a camping trip or a holiday with your family in the caravan. The safety of caravan while driving is very important and these safety accessories offer the best protection against any unpleasant happening that may ruin your holidays. Apart from these accessories, there are several accessories which come under the legal caravan requirements. Ensure that you follow all the rules and use all those required accessories stated by the law as mandatory caravan accessories.

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