3 Things to Consider About Motorbike Hire

Few things are as exhilarating as motorbikes. People from Perth, as well as travelers from abroad, love to hire motorbikes as a way to become one with the road. Motorbike hires in Perth give people all of the benefits and freedoms of riding without the negative attributes of true ownership. It’s no wonder, then, why motorcycle hires have become one of the fastest growing trends in all of Perth. With its natural beauty and endless sights to see, Perth is a motorcyclists’ dream. But before you jump on that motorbike and go on your next adventure, keep in mind these 3 things.


  1. Motorbikes are exhilarating … and dangerous. There’s no way around it – motorbikes are dangerous. People who own and regularly ride a motorcycle understand this, but many people who hire a motorbike don’t have that type of ongoing experience. That’s why it’s important to regain your comfort on a motorcycle before you go off and test its limits. We suggest you take a few bikes out for a short, slow spin, just so you can regain your senses on two wheels.
  2. The type of motorbike matters. The type of bike you choose will likely dictate your entire experience on two wheels. It’s about choosing a bike that matches your experience, comfort level, and intended plans. For example, one style of bike that’s ideal for flat, even roads may not be the best option for a journey over more treacherous roads. Put your trust in the motorbike hire company you’ve chosen, as they’ll know their bike inventory – and the surrounding roads – intimately.
  3. Don’t go it alone if you don’t have to. Sometimes you just can’t help going on a trip by yourself. But if at all possible, we encourage our clients to embark on a motorbike adventure with at least one other person. There are many reasons for this. Of course, one purpose is for safety’s sake. What happens if you spin out and fall off your bike? If you’re alone, there’s no telling how long it’ll be until you’re given the help and attention you may need. But another reason to hire a motorbike with at least one other person is for the added adventure. We’re certain you’ll enjoy your time more if you can share it with someone else.

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