3 Reasons to Take Flying Lessons that have nothing to do with Flying


When most people talk about why they want to fly, they talk about freedom and adventure. And flying is about both of those things. Flying is exhilarating and fun. But there are other aspects of flying that coast under the radar, and they are also great reasons to take flying lessons.

  1. Hone your powers of observation

To fly safely, you must be constantly aware of your environment. Pilots learn how to perform all flight tasks while at the same time listening to the airplane’s systems, talking with air traffic control, and being aware of where other aircraft are at all time. And, if they have passengers, paying attention to their needs as well. Now that is multi-tasking! When you learn to fly, you will also learn how to hone in on every detail while still seeing the big picture. You learn how to assimilate and process information from multiple sources to make quick, yet sound, decision. You must learn to be nimble and think fast. All of these skills make you more observant in every aspect of life.

  1. Learn to be self reliant while still able to work with others

Every pilot has a support team—traffic control, ground crew and fellow aviators. Yet, once you take off, you are on your own. It is both exhilarating and terrifying to be alone in that plane. Flying is a great way to learn how to look to yourself for answers, to take control of situations and succeed but it also teaches how important it is to work with those who support you. You can be self-reliant without being a lone wolf, and this is an incredibly useful life skill to have.

  1. Embrace, and enjoy, challenges

Flying is fun. But flying lessons are challenging. So often we are taught to quit if something doesn’t immediately come naturally or easily. The reality is, learning to fly is challenging for most people. But the rewards come quickly. This is a great way to learn to enjoy a challenge, to lean into something that is hard for you and embrace it. This ability to take on a challenge with joy will overflow into other aspects of life.

Sound like good reasons to take a flying lesson? Then call Sydney’s premier flying instructors at the Australian Aerobatic Academy. They will get you in the air and enjoying every second of learning to fly. Visit them at www.aeroacademy.com.au

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